A Personal Investment In Progress

I just got my monthly invoice from Progressive Democrats of America, indicating that I've made another automatic $10 donation to support PDA's operations. To be honest, I don't even really miss it. Especially because I know my regular donations help PDA budget and plan, and therefore help "sustain" our operations. These "Change Makes Change" donations help PDA even more than occasional donations.

PDA is an insurgent organization. We get nothing from the deep pocket types. PDA never gets one cent from corporations or super PACs. We rely on individual donations that average less than $23 each. If you become a sustainer or increase your automatic monthly contribution right now, you will receive a special gift as our thanks upon completion of your fourth donation. If you act now, you could receive your gift in time for the holidays (no guarantee, but we'll try our best).

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It's probably news to those who troll us on email and social media, but we are not affiliated with the Democratic Party nor any official Democratic Party organization, agency, or campaign. We get nothing from the party machine. We're not like other organizations that can count on $100,000 donations from foundations or billionaires. You are all we've got. Everything we do is only possible because of generous support from people like you.

To all my fellow "Change Makes Change" sustainers, your national team: Donna Smith, Judy Hess, Mike Fox, Janis Kay, Debra Schrishuhn, Dan O'Neal, and Kimberly Buchan all deeply and personally thank you. We deeply appreciate your automatic monthly donation. You are the backbone of our movement, and the engine of our Political Revolution. Unfortunately, while we have a fair number of sustainers, we need many more people to sign up as monthly donors, and we need those who can afford it to increase their monthly donation.

If you cannot sign up to as a PDA sustainer at this time, we understand. We need one-time donations as well. We appreciate every donor, every phone caller, and every local, state, and issue team organizer. PDA wouldn't and couldn't accomplish anything without your ongoing support. If you've never donated of volunteered, this would be a perfect time to step up.

Donate generously here right now, and sign up to make monthly donations. Money tight? Kick in whatever you can afford as an investment in a better tomorrow. Absolutely cannot afford to donate anything? Volunteer with Mike Fox to make important calls from your own home here. Rather not make calls? Then reach out to Judy Hess and offer to help start or expand a chapter in your state or locality here.

We understand that times are tough, that the 1% has seized the lion's share of all wealth. Of course we're working to remedy that. We're aware of the intolerable pressures on working people and those on fixed incomes. Unless you invest in progress now, your own situation will get worse, not better.

PDA is pushing for economic justice through legislation and by supporting progressive candidates for Congress. We're working closely with our allies in Colorado to ensure the passage of ColoradoCare--the first major advance in Medicare for All/Single Payer healthcare which we believe would provide the example for other states to follow.

We need your support now to help good candidates win on Election Day, and to pass progressive legislation.

PDA is launching a new partnership with college students called Young Progressives Demanding Action (YPDA) to expand our political revolution by organizing for progress on college campuses. We're sponsoring a peace tour for Medea Benjamin. We're also preparing for the People's Inauguration in January and a leadership summit in February.

All these efforts (with their substantial expenses) come after a frenetic Summer. We supported several candidates coast to coast, including Bernie Sanders, Jamie Raskin, Tulsi Gabbard, Raul Grijlava, and Keith Ellison. We backed their campaigns with phone calls, canvassing, rallies and more.

We co-hosted the People's Summit in Chicago last June, and we organized the Progressive Central People's Convention in Philadelphia last July. We also confounded the Bernie Delegate Network and supported the historic March for Climate Justice. And while we were stretched to the limit doing all that, our fundraising fell off dangerously. We need you to step up right now to help!

All of our organizing is expensive. Travel costs, using the NationBuilder system to send this email and post it online, and everything else we do costs money. That leaves next to nothing for staff compensation. We're working for you on the issues you care about every day. We need to know that you're supporting our efforts. We need your commitment to keep expanding our efforts. Otherwise, we'll have to cut back at this very critical time, and we'd hate to do that.

If you're currently a sustainer, please consider bumping up your monthly donation by another $5 or $10. If you're not a sustainer yet, please start making an automatic monthly donation of $10 per month (like I do) or more if you can afford it. If you've never donated, or haven't donated recently, please dig deep and give $500, $50, or as much as possible as an investment in progress.

At this crucial point in history, no one can afford to sit on the sidelines. We all must get (even more) involved! If you absolutely cannot afford to donate as little as $3 per month or $25 right now, we understand. If so, then could you spend a few hours a day (or week) to make important calls from your own home? Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox. Rather not make calls? Then reach out to Judy Hess and Dan O'Neal to help start or expand a chapter in your state or locality.

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Donna, Judy, Mike F, Janis, Deb, Dan, and Kim your PDA National Team

Invest in progress!


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