A Political Revolution Bigger Than Bernie!

Like Bernie Sanders says, this is about us, not me. This is about building a movement, not just one election. Whether like the overwhelming majority of PDAers you Feel The Bern, or else if you think Senator Sanders should wind up his campaign, we can all agree on a few things: This is bigger than any one candidiate. We only lose if we quit, and we've come too far to quit now! Most of all we've already made history, so let's make even more history!

PDA Helped Launch a New Political Revolution.
We Need You to Step Up and Help Keep It Going!

Bernie-Video.jpgAs Steve Cobble wrote earlier this week, Progressive Democrats of America met in Northampton Mass two years ago to mark the 10th anniversary of PDA. We celebrated the life of the great Tim Carpenter, our founder, who had passed on just a few days earlier.

Tim was a tireless inspirational leader, who devoted his life to countless struggles. His final effort was to launch the Run Bernie Run campaign. 

Tim made sure that Senator Sanders would run in the Democratic primaries through sheer force of will. The rest is history...or is it?

We should always remember that—without Progressive Democrats of America—there wouldn't be such a powerful Bernie Sanders campaign and larger movement! Without your support now, the People's Political Revolution may fade away.

Please pitch in $50 or whatever you can afford now to help keep PDA organizing for you! If you can afford making $10 or even $5 monthly contributions, that would help your money make the biggest difference!

Money tight? You can still help! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make critically important Get Out The Vote calls from your own home to help Bernie win as many delegates as possible! Help us organize and make calls into the 9 states with primaries in June, including the biggest primary of all, California!

We will continue to back Bernie from now throughout the June primaries, to the People's Summit in Chicago with our allies including National Nurses United (NNU) June 17-19, and all the way to the convention! The People’s Summit is the next logical step in this movement. If you haven't already, please register online here.

If you can't join us at the Summit, please donate whatever you can afford right now
to help cover our travel and organizing costs. The People’s Summit is the next logical step in this movement.

We'll be in Philadelphia hosting Progressive Central coinciding with the Democratic National Convention, July 25-27. Please save these dates and plan to join us! We need your help now to make these events successful. Please contribute $25 or whatever you can now to help us welcome and mobilize Bernie delegates and keep us organizing toward a governing progressive majority!


Mike Hersh
PDA Communications Director

P.S.—We need your support now more than ever. Please give whatever you can afford now. If your state hasn't voted yet, make plans to vote for Bernie and other progressives in upcoming primaries! Join our PDA Phone Team to make important Get Out The Vote calls.


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