A Special Message from Jim Hightower

With our help, Bernie has won six primaries and caucuses in a row, going into Wyoming Saturday, where we expect to do very well. While we're celebrating shared success, we understand this is much bigger than Bernie as a candidate or even this presidential campaign.

Exciting times for Progressive Democrats of America!

Bernie-Jim-Hightower-1.png As Bernie always says, this campaign is not about him. It’s about all of us working together, building the movement we need to address everything from the climate emergency to jobs, college, and healthcare for all.

We’d like to share a special message from our advisory Board Member Jim Hightower:

These are better times for progressives than we've had for a while. Bernie's win in Wisconsin means more than a higher delegate count going into Wyoming, Pennsylvania and New York. Bernie's win is proof that real, working people still have a voice and real progressive values still matter.

We are making history during this primary season. From our late PDA founder Tim Carpenter's vision in launching the Run Bernie Run petition to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) phone banking by the PDA phone team to PDA chapters stepping up to help at the polls in every primary/caucus state, we stand with our PDA brothers and sisters who continue to drive this tremendous volunteer effort.

This is what democracy looks like. Let's dig deep to support PDA's work. We're in this together.

Jim Hightower

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As Jim mentioned, PDA isn't a "virtual" / online only organization. We've had our feet on the ground working for Bernie from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and New Hampshire--and other states as well! Donate $5 or more now to help PDA keep the political revolution growing! Money tight? Then join our PDA Phone Team to make important Get Out The Vote calls.

Earlier this week, we had a terrific conference call about the campaign so far, and about building the political revolution we need to demand fundamental changes we need! If you missed the call or just want to listen again, click here.

For People Powered Progress,

Donna, Conor, Mike H, Judy, Mike F, Janis, Kim, and Deb
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. We need your help now! Whether you've made calls before or never have, Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference in the upcoming primary and caucus states by making important Get Out The Vote calls from your own home.

Too busy to volunteer? Contribute generously now. Donate $5 or more now to help PDA elect Bernie and other progressives! You can also donate to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!


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