Call with Healthcare Now

We present the following as a courtesy to our allies, Healthcare Now!

in Solidarity,

Donna Smith
Progressive Democrats of America, Executive Director 

Just a reminder that tonight, Wednesday November 23rd, at 8PM ET, is our joint conference call with Progressive Democrats of America about the coming GOP attacks on healthcare. We'll be joined by Lori Kearns, a Bernie staffer who works on healthcare policy.

We apologize for the bad timing - we did our best to move things around, but staffers are very busy now and until the end of the year. A recording of the call will be sent out later this week!

Call-in number1-857-216-6700, conference code: 441086

Lori will be providing insight into what programs are likely to come under attack, the likely timing of those attacks, what the GOP can do without a filibuster and what would require legislation, and how a repeal may or may not impact the 2018 elections. 

Then we'll take questions from you, and get your feedback on where states groups are at, and how the national groups can help. We'll close with a discussion about how Healthcare-NOW and PDA plan to fight back. (Note: Participants will be automatically muted to eliminate background static, but you can jump in the queue to be unmuted for questions by pressing 5*).

Talk to you tonight!

Yours in solidarity,
Ben and Stephanie
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff

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