Canvass With Jamie Raskin

Jamie Raskin is a progressive hero! He was with Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) at our founding at Roxbury, MA back in 2004, and served on our Advisory Board. He's led the way for us on many important issues. We need him in the House of Representatives and he needs you now! Join PDA canvassing in Kensington with Jamie Raskinour nationally-endorsed endorsed candidate for Congress! 

Please RSVP to right now and invite your friends, so we can start getting organized to knock doors and make calls 11:45 am this Saturday, February 20th. We’ll gather at Joseph Horgan's home in Kensington, MD for coffee, tea, and snacks with Jamie and other volunteers.

Help Us Elect Jamie Raskin to Congress!

Jamie is running against not one but TWO moderate (at best) millionaires who want to pad their resumes. Jamie wants to represent us! He's already been endorsed by the Progressive Caucus, Reps. Keith Ellison and John Conyers, his progressive colleagues, and of course PDA. 

As State Senator, Jamie led the way on several issues including climate change, marriage equality, ending the death penalty, the Maryland Dream Act, gun safety, raising the minimum wage, and restoring voting rights. He's one of the most admired and respected legislators in Maryland, and his leadership inspired progress in other states. 

PDA endorsed Jamie for Maryland Senate in 2006, and we were proud to stand by him during that successful campaign. We've backed him ever since. To win this campaign for the Congress, he will need all our help! 

RSVP to right now
 if you can make it. Invite your friends! Also contact Jennifer if you'd like to make calls or canvass for Jamie on other days.

No time to volunteer? Please contribute whatever you can afford to help Jamie win! He’s a true progressive facing two millionaires in a crowded field of candidiates, and he needs your help now! 

Join us!

Mike Hersh PDA communications
On behalf of the PDA National Team

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