Clean budget bill

Join Progressive Democrats of America, our civic partner People Demanding Action, and a growing coalition demanding a fair budget bill!

Rather than accept a "clean" budget deal, Republicans insist on "riders" to force through provisions they cannot enact through usual procedures. 


Contact Congress now!





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Contact your Representative and Senators now with our advocacy tools. Tell them to reject extremism and demand a "clean" budget deal that would reject extreme right wing provisions including:

  •  Defunding Planned Parenthood in the wake of the domestic terrorist attack in Colorado
  •  Kicking veterans, families, and children out on the streets by slashing housing assistance
  •  Slamming the door on Syrian refugees, and ignoring our moral and legal obligations to help
  •  Limiting freedom on the Internet by blocking the FCC from enforcing Net Neutrality

Contact your Representative and Senators now! Use our advocacy tools to tell them to hold strong. Insist they vote against any budget deal that would put ideology over the health and lives of American women, veterans, and children, and turn our backs on Syrian refugees. Tell them to reject special interests and protect our rights to a free and open Internet.

In Solidarity,

Conor, Kim, Jeanne, Mike F, Mike H, Judy, Janis and Deb
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. While our advocacy tools are expensive, we provide them free of charge to help you share your views with your elected officials. Help us make your voice heard on important issues. Your support keeps Progressive Democrats of America going. We welcome contributions of any size. Please pitch in whatever you can afford by card or check to help us keep these tools available now. Please send checks to:

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