Communications Update!

Hi, I’m Mike Hersh, Communications Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America. Usually you’d get a schedule of our issue team calls on a Sunday, but this coming week many of our calls are postponed.

This week, I’ll provide several ways you can stay active. Please watch for the issue team updates next week. Find out more about our issue teams here and contact the team leaders to get involved.


As a grass-roots federal PAC, PDA endorses strong progressive candidates. We’ve already endorsed Bernie Sanders for President as well as our current and former National Advisory Board members. Find out more about PDA’s We Want Bernie campaign on our special conference call this December 17, 2015, 9pm - 10pm ET please RSVP here.

These are among the best and brightest progressive leaders. As champions for everyday people they’re targeted by corporate special interests and right wing Super PACs. Please click on these links to make generous donations to their campaigns now!

Bernie Sanders for President
Rep. Donna Edwards for U.S. Senate

Rep. John Conyers
Rep. Keith Ellison
Rep. Barbara Lee
Rep. Raul Grijalva
Rep. Jim McGovern

State Senator Jamie Raskin for Congress

More endorsements are on their way. Please contact to find out more about how to begin the endorsement process for a worthy candidate in your area!

Get Active with PDA’s Social Media Team and Phone Team!

If you haven’t already, follow PDA on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Click on the logos below, and contact to sign up for the PDA Social Media Team! Also, we need your help to make quick, easy, effective phone calls from your own home. Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to sign up!

Progressive Round Table!

Mark your calendar Wednesday, December 16 1-3pm ET to watch our Progressive Round Table live from Capitol Hill (or on demand afterward). We’ll welcome Members of Congress, Congressional staffers, grassroots organization leaders, and experts on important issues. We hold these important meetings each month when Congress is in session. Watch video from previous Round Tables and other events here.


Video from PDA's 10th Anniversary

Featuring Senator Bernie Sanders and
Jim Hightower honoring Tim Carpenter

Watch the Progressive Round Table
live from Capitol Hill Weds 1pm ET

We Want Bernie call December 17
9pm - 10pm ET please RSVP here

Advocacy Alerts and Petitions:

PDA relies on your support. We don't get
any money from corporations. We're
100% grass-roots driven. Help now!


Please send checks to:

Kimberly Buchan, Operations Coordinator
P.O. Box 150064
Grand Rapids, MI 49515-0064

Money tight? We understand.

Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox
to sign up
for the phone team

Contact to sign
up for the PDA Social Media Team

Advocacy Alerts and Petitions!

Progressive Democrats of America works closely with our sister organization People Demanding Action advocating for progressive solutions. Currently, we’re offering four important ways to contact your Senators and Representative to make your voice heard.

Tell Congress to Pass a Clean Budget: Last month, a temporary budget deal narrowly averted a government shutdown. Negotiations are continuing to pass appropriations bills that actually provide the money for many needed programs. Republicans are insisting on adding destructive “riders” that would strike down environmental protections, undermine labor rights, undermine online freedom, gut consumer protections, reverse campaign finance reform, block desperate Syrian and Iraqi refugees, end important bank regulations, and slash funding for everything from pubic housing to healthcare. Click here to Tell Congress to Pass a Clean Budget.

Tell Congress to close a fat-cat loophole to provide a one time $580 payment to Social Security Beneficiaries and Veterans: Next year, seniors, survivors and veterans who receive Social Security or other payments pegged to Social Security won’t be getting an annual cost of living increase. This while taxpayers subsidize billions of dollars in giveaways to CEOs through a crazy loophole that lets corporations write off obscene bonuses as a business expense. Tell Congress to back Sen. Elizabeth Warren's SAVE Benefits Act to give seniors and veterans a benefits boost without adding a penny to the deficit by closing the “performance pay” loophole.

Sign the Petition to Become a Zero Climate Emissions Citizen Cosponsor: Coming out of the Paris talks on climate change, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a strong national consensus on the future of energy and the transition to a renewable energy economy in the United States. Add your name to growing list of citizen cosponsors of the climate resolution put forth by the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC): Become a Zero Climate Emissions Citizen Cosponsor.

Sign the Petition to hold Big Pharma Accountable: In 2013, the U.S. spent nearly 40% more per person on prescriptions than Canada, the next most expensive industrialized nation. In 2014, the U.S. federal government paid $1 billion in government contracts to Pfizer who has $140 billion in untaxed profits stashed offshore. In 2015, Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli increased the cost of an HIV/AIDS drug by 4,000%–charging patients $750 per pill. Enough is enough! Sign the Petition to hold Big Pharma Accountable.


For Progressive Victories in 2016 and beyond!

Mike Hersh
PDA Communications Coordinator

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