December 2015 Progressive Round Table

Wednesday, December 16 1-3pm ET / 10am-Noon PT 
Progressive Round Table live from Capitol Hill (or on demand afterward)

We’ll welcome Members of Congress, Congressional staffers, grassroots organization leaders, and experts on important issues. We hold these important meetings each month when Congress is in session.

Progressive Round Table Agenda
  • Andrea Miller - Welcome/Introduction
  • Nii Akuetteh - Exorbitant Price of Propping Up Friendly Tyrants - Foreign Policy Analyst/ Democracy Activist
  • Rep. Alan Grayson - Trans Pacific Partnership and Other Trade Deals
  • Brad Bauman - Privatization of Air Traffic Control - Air Passengers and Workers Against Privatization
  • DC Shadow Senator Mike Brown - DC Statehood
  • Mike Hersh, Educate Congress - Progressive Democrats of America
  • Rep. Raul Grijalva - H Res 540 - Zero Climate Emissions/Renewal Energy/Green Jobs
  • Michael Darner, Budget Update - Congressional Progressive Caucus
  • Sheyda Tribble - Future Speaks School Without Walls High School,  Washington, DC
  • Medea Benjamin - Peace and Diplomacy Initiative - CodePink
  • Jasmine Jefferson - Social Security Update - Social Security Works
  • Ishtyme Robinson - A Mother's Struggle to Overcome Police Brutality 
  • Announcements

Watch the LiveStream here:
Watch video from previous Round Tables and other events here.

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