Demand Fairness from the DNC!

ACT NOW! The DNC must immediately restore full voter data access to Bernie's campaign! Contact the DNC now using links below!

In case you haven't heard, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has shut down the Bernie Sanders Campaign's access to its Voter Activation Network (VAN). This means the Bernie campaign cannot access its own data!

This is a gross overreaction to a breach in the DNC vendor's security that the Bernie Sanders campaign reported to the DNC some time ago.



Contact the DNC now using the links below! You’ll be asked for your name, email address, street address and zip code. Once you type that in, you'll see the DNC phone number to call, some information and ideas for what to say, and a button to send an email to the DNC. Note: If you don’t want to provide all of that information, please do not click on the link! Even so, you can still help. Keep reading!

We just called the DNC and it went directly to voice mail—so we left a message. Don’t be surprised if that happens when you call. We're part of a firestorm of protest against this outrageous unfairness.

As difficult as it is, please try to remain respectful while making these reasonable requests: Tell the DNC, in order to respect the integrity of the nominating process, they must immediately restore full data access to Bernie's campaign. Click here to tell the DNC you demand fairness for all candidates.

Please mention if you've ever donated to or volunteered for the DNC, DCCC, the DSCC or any Democratic candidate or campaign, etc. and—if you feel so inclined—explain how the DNC's actions regarding this incident and their subsequent behavior may influence your future willingness to donate your time or money. Click here to contact the DNC to demand fairness for all candidates.

Bernie needs all of us to help protect his campaign from unfairness by the DNC and the media. To do that, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) needs your help now! This heavy-handedness by the DNC is a direct result of the pro-Hillary, anti-Bernie media bias that enables and emboldens the DNC. Tell the media to stop ignoring Bernie!

Demand balanced media coverage here.

If you’re on social media, you can contact the DNC directly on Facebook and Twitter! Tell the DNC to restore Bernie's access to his voters now!

Stand up for Bernie now!

Conor Boylan, Steve Cobble, Mike Hersh, and Mike Fox,
Your Progressive Democrats of America We Want Bernie Team

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