For the future of our kids and grand kids

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) cherishes you for supporting us. We thank all of our volunteer phone bankers and canvassers, as well as our chapter and issue team organizers for your tireless and all too often thankless work. To achieve the progress we all demand, we need 100 new sustainers—donors who give monthly in any amount from $2 to $200—by Election Day.

Because we know times are tough, we want to recognize those who dig deep to help sustain PDA as monthly sustainers. "Change Makes Change" helps us more easily budget and make plans by relying on a steady flow of your generosity. Thank you! We couldn't do anything without you. If you're not yet a sustainer, will you please click here now to help us reach our goal of 100 new sustainers by Election Day?

Help move our politics toward fairness and opportunity for all!

Russell Freedman (MA, $200/month sustainer) writes, "I am a monthly sustainer for PDA and glad to do it. I have 4 grandchildren and I give some money each month in their names: Sam, Jake, Max & Rosie. From climate change to healthcare, peace, and justice, I feel that PDA gives me the biggest bang for my buck and the best investment I can make for the future of all of our kids and grandkids."

Jenise Porter (AZ, $10/month sustainer) writes, "What I love about 'Change Makes Change' is that I don't have to remember when or how much I last gave to PDA. My contribution is helping to move our political system to the left without me even having to think about it."

Please join Russell, Jenise, and many of us as a Change Makes Change sustainer at any amount.

My husband Larry and I have been PDA sustainers for years. We see these donations as investments in a better future—for us, but like Russell, especially for our kids and grandkids. We want to leave them a more peaceful, livable world with guaranteed high quality healthcare for all, and a meaningful voice in their workplace, community, and nation.

Will you join us making automatic monthly sustainer donations?

In solidarity,

Donna Smith for Deb, Mike H, Judy, Mike F, Janis, Dan, Kim, and Teva
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. We're here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need any help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Judy Hess.

We've recognized a few of your chapters over the past few months, and we will continue shining a thankful spotlight on other chapters. We appreciate you for reading our emails (especially if you share them!)


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