From "Not Me, Us" To "Justice Or Bust"

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) began our effort to transform the Democratic Party just after the Democratic National Convention in 2004. We've become the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party by working to elect strong progressives and by making progress on key issues ever since. We began urging Bernie to run for president in 2013, long before anyone else.

2016 has been exciting, inspiring, and sometimes disappointing. I understand the calls for "Bernie or Bust." As Progressive Democrats of America, we have always seen this campaign as about "not me, us." So we say, "Justice or Bust." Please pitch in $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can now to help support our organizing at the convention and beyond.

Thanks to Us, the Democratic Party is Changing

We know we have far to go and much yet to accomplish. The DNC platform reflects only a few of our main priorities. Party Insiders dismissed many of our most important concerns. That said, we are far from finished. In fact, we're empowered. We achieved so much. Thanks to our hard work, the Democratic Party has changed. Please pitch in now to help keep PDA organizing for you!

I join with Nina Turner who welcomed all the Clinton delegates and others to "the New Democratic Party" in response to their calls for party unity during the DNC platform fight. Like PDA, Nina celebrates the transformative effort we've taken on. We as PDA remain dedicated to this struggle to reform and democratize American politics. As just one example: Russell Greene will continue leading the climate emergency mobilization effort, building on the amendments we and our allies forced into the DNC platform.

The political revolution Bernie inspires continues to live and breathe. Bernie lifted us all. Now, it is up to us to carry on. We at PDA will work to expand on this amazing effort. We hope you'll support us. We will not endorse for president during the general election, choosing instead to focus our efforts on House and Senate campaigns. Additionally, PDA will lift our Healthcare Not Warfare campaign even higher now.  Please pitch in now to help keep PDA organizing for you!

We and Bernie agreed from the first: This was never about Bernie as an individual. We launched this campaign to build the transformational political revolution we need to save our nation from oligarchs: huge corporations, big banks, and billionaires. We welcome huge growth in our progressive ranks as we build this movement.

PDA "drafted" Bernie because we trusted him to focus on the issues we have worked on since our founding. He agreed to serve as our messenger. And, wow, did he do a fantastic job. Now–as Bernie hands the torch of leadership back to PDA and our allies in the peace, environmental, justice, and other movements–we will step up and march onward.

I intend to seize this opportunity to force real change. I hope you will join me. I am so charged up. PDA will make incredibly empowering progress in the near future, so stay tuned. On to Progressive Central. On to Philly.

Justice or Bust!

Donna Smith for Mike H, Judy, Mike F, Janis, Deb, Conor, Kim, and Steve-your PDA national team

P.S. Please join us at Progressive Central, The People’s Convention Monday, July 25 to Wednesday, July 27. Please click here now for tickets, tabling, sponsorships, ads, etc. Registration (per person): One day $10, All 3 days $25. Includes light lunch and beverages. If you can't make it, please donate now to help us make the People's Convention a huge success!

A special favor: if you're a delegate, please contact Mike Fox to participate in our discussions and planning ASAP. Please pitch in $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can now to help support our organizing at the convention and beyond.


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