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Sit-in with thousands. Save democracy for millions.

Progressive Democrats of America is joining with a large coalition called Democracy Spring demanding clean, fair, uncorrupted elections! We believe “It’s time to take mass nonviolent action on a historic scale to save our democracy.”

Election finance corruption violates the core principle of American democracy—“one person, one vote” citizen equality. And it is blocking reform on virtually every critical issue facing our country: from addressing historic economic inequality, to tackling climate change and ending mass incarceration. We simply cannot solve the urgent crises that face our nation if we don’t save democracy first. Get involved! Find out more and sign up here.


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Citizens United and turn back
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From the website:

If at least 1,000 people pledge to risk arrest by December 15th, we will organize one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a generation in Washington, D.C. next April. We will call on Congress to take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure free and fair elections in which every American has an equal voice. Get involved! Find out more and sign up here.

The campaign will begin with a march from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. where, if Congress has failed to meet our demand, thousands will gather to reclaim the US Capitol in a powerful, peaceful, and massive sit-in that no one can ignore. Join us! Get involved! You can sign up here for any and all of the following ways to help:

  • Pledge to be one of at least 1000 who will risk arrest to save democracy in DC between April 11th to 15th
  • Pledge to come to Washington DC to support the sit-in through legal protest but cannot risk arrest
  • Join the march from Philadelphia to Washington DC, sometime between April 2nd and 11th
  • Volunteer to help organize this campaign

Today, our democracy is in crisis. In this post-Citizens United era, American elections are dominated by billionaires and big money interests who can spend unlimited sums of campaign money to protect their special interests at the general expense.

The super-rich dominate the “money primary” that decides who can run for office. Almost half of the states have passed new laws that disenfranchise everyday voters, especially people of color and the poor. We can turn back this anti-democratic trend. Get involved! Find out more and sign up here.

Unless we act soon, the 2016 election—already set to be the most billionaire-dominated, secret money-drenched, voter suppression-marred contest in modern American history—will likely yield a President and a Congress more bound to the masters of big money than ever before. Our planet and people just can’t afford that. If we can intervene in ways that no one can ignore, we can make this election a turning point. Get involved! Find out more and sign up here.

We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won't leave until they do—or until they send thousands of us to jail, along with the unmistakable message that our country needs a new Congress, one that that will end the legalized corruption of our democracy and ensure that every American has an equal voice in government. Get involved! Find out more and sign up here.

Hope to see you there!

Conor, Kim, Mike H, Judy, Jeanne, Mike F, Janis, and Deb
Your national team

P.S. If you can't risk arrest or travel to D.C. you can still support our work to overturn Citizens United and turn back corporate rule with a generous investment in progress now!

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