Help Bernie Stamp Out Big Money from Politics!

Bernie Sanders committed his campaign to stamping big money out of our political system. Here's a fun way you can help! Place orders by December 17th for Christmas delivery, and by December 21st for end-of-year delivery. 

Now, just in time for holiday giving and to ring in the new year with a winning message: "Corporations Are Not People" Pre-inked Desk Stamp! Help create a "petition on steroids”—every dollar you stamp is seen by 875 people. Stamping currency is legal (slightly subversive) and fun. "Corporations are not People" self-inking stamp! Available NOW for a limited time at a special holiday price $14.00!

Keep Progressive Democrats of America working for you!

We helped win the most votes ever for both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus budgets. 

We worked with a huge coalition to expose and delay the Trans-Pacific Partner ship. We persuaded Bernie Sanders to enter the Presidential race. 

We held Round Table meetings each month on Capitol Hill, and delivered 300-450 Educate Congress letters each month.

Buy progressive books, stamps, Bernie gear and other items. They make perfect gifts and stocking-stuffers for the progressive friends and family members in your life, and for yourself! 

Many of these items are in limited quantities. Please place your order by December 17th for Christmas delivery and by December 21st for end-of-year delivery.  

  Buy, enjoy and give progressive books and stamps:

  •   Dollarocracy by John Nichols, (hardback, autographed)
  •   Corporations are not People by Jeffrey Clements, (paperback)
  •   Wisdom of Progressive Voices by Joanne Boyer, (paperback)
  •   "Get $ Out" hand stamp stamp
  •   "Corporations are not People" self-inking stamp

  Buy, enjoy and give exclusive PDA Bernie Sanders Gear: 

Everything you need to proclaim your support for Bernie Sanders, host a party or hit the streets in search of votes! These items are high-quality, union made in America.

  •   Bumper stickers--English and Spanish
  •   Buttons: Red/white/blue, rainbow, "Feel the Bern"
  •   "We Want Bernie" rally signs
  •   Blue "We Want Bernie" T-shirts (limited quantities and sizes)
  •   The Essential Bernie Sanders by Jonathan Tasini, (paperback)
  •   We Want Bernie party kits (flyers, buttons, bumper and lapel stickers, sign-in sheets, PDA issue palm cards, and donation envelopes)
  •   Special collector's item from our historic "Run Bernie Run" campaign, just in time for wintry weather: knit caps (blue or black).

Oil based, waterproof Ink is impregnated into the special rubber in this stamp. It does not use an ink pad. It is refillable. The photos on this page show the best positioning for this stamp on the front and back of the bill.

Pair with our other stamp to put a clear message on currency: "Not to be used for bribing politicians”. Choose our Pair of Stamps option to get both stamps for just $23.00! Get your stamp(s) and other progressive gifts by clicking here. Contact for special offers on bulk orders.

All proceeds support Progressive Democrats of America’s organizing to Get Money Out of Politics by exposing and opposing corporate rule, by electing strong anti-corporate progressives to office, and by reversing Citizen’s United v. FEC and other disastrous Supreme Court decisions.


 Keep stamping til the cows come home with our special offer--2 stamps for $23!


 Progressive books and other gifts



 Exclusive PDA Bernie Gear 





Proceeds from Bernie Gear items fund our nationwide efforts to help Bernie win the nomination and then win the White House! Use this link to order exclusive, affordable Bernie gear.

Remember, many of these items are in limited quantities. Please place your order by December 17 for Christmas delivery and by December 21 for end-of-year delivery. Even better deals are available on larger bulk orders contact Deb at for more information. 

Together, we are making history. Help PDA continue working for your progressive ideals, supporting legislation, and electing good candidates!

In Solidarity,

Conor, Kim, Jeanne, Mike F, Mike H, Judy, Janis and Deb
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. Your support keeps Progressive Democrats of America going. We welcome contributions of any size. Please pitch in whatever you can afford by card or check to help keep us working for you--electing great progressives and making a real difference. Please send checks to:

Kimberly Buchan, Operations Coordinator
P.O. Box 150064
Grand Rapids, MI 49515-0064

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