Help Bernie Win in California and Philadelphia!

When Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) launched our Run Bernie Run campaign in 2013, we expected big things. Even we have been surprised by the incredible progress we've already achieved. None of this would've happened without all of us working together. Please contribute $50, $25 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing!

We aren't giving up and neither should you. Although the media won't tell you this, Bernie's campaign is going strong. Most of the remaining primaries favor us, and the math is clear. Neither candidate will win the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination before the Democratic Convention.

Our support for Bernie is unwavering, and our work continues.

If Bernie wins 70% remaining delegates, he will arrive at Philadelphia with more delegates than Ms. Clinton. Even if he falls short of that goal, with our help, Bernie will force a floor vote and win the nomination at a contested convention. Franklin D. Roosevelt did that in 1932, and launched the New Deal. Bernie will have enough support to win the nomination and the general election to launch the Raal Deal. Again, only PDA and a few others will explain this math. 


We've shown we have heart and drive to help Bernie win a contested convention. Now, we need money for travel, room rental, and other essentials to organize for victory. Many PDA supporters already give as generously as they are able. We appreciate every single dollar we get. Unfortunately, many people reading this email have yet to pitch in. Some may believe we're getting big donations like the better known organizations do. Let me tell you, that's just not so. Like Bernie, PDA depends on small donations from progressives like you. Pitch in whatever you can afford now!

The state of our revolution is still strong. If you stand with us and help us expand our standing among those who support Bernie, we will expand the political revolution we launched together. Can we count on your generous support right now? Please step up YUGE for our political revolution now! To help you get out the word, PDA is offering deep discounts on quantity purchases of Union-made We Want Bernie buttons, bumperstickers, rally signs, and moreVisit our ActBlue page to get yours while they last!

We hope to see you at the Chicago People's Summit. We urge you to type in Progressive Democrats of America and to be as generous as possible when you register, because your payment will help PDA bring more of our organizers to join us. Visit the page regularly for frequent updates! See the article here for some of the advanced buzz!

Help lift our political revolution to the next levelTalented artist Eric Sokoloff is offering a limited run of 99 numbered high-quality prints, suitable for framing. One will be yours as our thank you for a donation of $99 or more, signifying our struggle for the 99%! If $99 is too steep, show your support with exclusive PDA Bernie swag including Union-made buttons, bumper stickers, rally signs and more!


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