Mary Ellen Is One Of Us

Mary Ellen says, "As a political science professor, I teach 'we the people, for the people' but now government is 'by the rich, for the rich.' Using my work in the classroom, my studies as a Fulbright Scholar, and my government experience, I'm running for Congress to change that." 

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We Need Mary Ellen in Congress

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We need principled, effective leadership to address the climate emergency, and Mary Ellen Balchunis is ready. She says, "Green and sustainable energies are the energy solutions of the future. The longer we cling to the energy solutions of the past, the further we fall behind the rest of the world in new energy jobs and technologies. We should be leading the world in the green energy jobs of the future.

"In the future, every community will run on 100% clean, sustainable energy. To prepare for this inevitability. As we transition away from fossil fuels, we need to work to avoid increasing unemployment and destroying people’s livelihoods. We can begin this energy and jobs transition by investing in the creation of more solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and kinetic energy jobs."

Please join us giving generously now to help Mary Ellen and PDA win. Money tight? Then sign up with Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make easy but important calls from your own home.

In solidarity,

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