Help PDA Make History with Donna Edwards!

LDonna-Edwards-PDA.jpgast year, Progressive Democrats of America endorsed Rep. Donna Edwards in the competitive Democratic Senate primary in Maryland. It was a very easy decision, because Donna has always been there for us.

Early voting in Maryland starts this week, and Primary day is April 26th. Polling shows the top two candidates within a few percentage points, so you could help make history!

Donna is running against a much better funded opponent. She needs your help now! Donate here to help PDA elect her and other progressive leaders. Money tight? You can still show your support! Sign up with Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make get out the vote calls that could provide the margin of victory for Donna Edwards and other strong progressives.

Please join PDA in Helping Our Friend Donna Edwards!

Our good friends, the National Nurses United--a national union that was one of the first to back the presidential bid of Sen. Bernie Sanders--joined us in endorsing Donna. The Nurses are a highly-principled Union of care-giving professionals. They've supported many of the best candidates across the United States.

The Nurses trust Donna Edwards. She's a strong progressive with a proven record of leadership on issues from stopping domestic violence to opposing foreign wars, terrible trade deals, and cuts to Social Security, while supporting progress we need like Medicare for All / Single Payer healthcare.

Please dig deep to empower PDA to help elect this strong progressive to the U.S. Senate and support our efforts to help elect other progressive leaders. Donna has momentum! Her supporters were out in force in Silver Spring Maryland last night. See photos here.

Watch Donna's video explaining why she's running. Then do all you can to help her win. Sign up with Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make get out the vote calls for Donna and other strong progressives. Too busy to volunteer? Please donate generously now to help PDA elect Donna Edwards and other great progressives.

Watch the video from Donna's debate with her opponent, held last night in Maryland. Donna made a strong case for her candidacy. Our own Mike Hersh, Maryland State Coordinator and National Communications Director, helped organize the forum.



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