Hey California! Join us Monday at 7 pm - Election Preview!

Join us for a PDA All-California Call:

Election Preview

Monday October 17 at 7:00 pm

Conference Call No:      605-562-3140
Access Code:        210356#




Our Agenda:

YPDA - an Introduction - Ian Schiffer
Endorsed Candidate - Bao Nguyen CA-46
3 CA Propositions:
59 - End Citizens United - Michele Sutter, Money Out Voters In
61 - Drug Prices - Pilar Schiavo, National Nurses United, California Nurses Association
62/66 - Death Penalty - David Crawford, Yes on 62
Monterey Fracking Ban - Measure Z - Adam Scow, Food and Water Watch
ADEMS (Assembly District Election Meetings) deadlines are coming - Judy Hess

Why are these calls so important?

When our PDA chosen and recruited Candidate for the Presidency, Senator Bernie Sanders, after a hard fought Primary Season, did not receive the nomination, we made a decision.  That decision was to not endorse at the Presidential level, and respect the views of our members in general, who support a variety of candidates, to merely fight Donald Trump as best we could, and to focus on our own down-ticket Endorsed Candidates.

In California, we decided to seriously concentrate on:

  • Our 2 (of only 5) National Focus Candidates, Doug Applegate (CA-49) and Nanette Barragan (CA-44)
  • Our additional Chapter/CD Endorsed CA Candidates and
  • a PROGRESSIVE push on the Propositions


The purpose of these calls is to inform you, our members, of the stunning opportunities to set the course of this election, and help you get involved.
We may take at least 2, possibly more, House seats by tested progressive candidates, and we can also assist the movers involved in the ballot measures.  We - PDA in California - could be the difference that makes the difference in these races. To give you examples:
This past Monday, our guests were Doug Applegate and Nanette Barragan.  
These candidates are within a hair's breadth of taking the election - Doug just went 4 points over Darrell Issa in the polls and Nanette is neck and neck with a corporate Democrat in her district.  But with PDA's effort, and those of our coalition partners, whom we are now inviting to the calls, we can move these candidates out of the margin of error to victory! And there are other candidates and issues we may similarly impact.

So your participation and involvement may be key to changing the landscape in California and the country.

This is the tip of a progressive iceberg! You know the mood of the country - our time to win is now!

We hope you will join us Monday - and every Monday - until the Election.

In solidarity,  

Dr. Bill, Russell and Judy


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