Honor Dr. King By Demanding Healthcare Justice!

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a few of his many insightful, inspiring quotes come to mind. The first, "The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Toward Justice," honors the hard-won progress we've made throughout history, and predicts our ultimate triumph over injustice. Sadly, that line of progress is an arc, not a straight, ever-ascending line. 

Sometimes, as in our current times, that arc is bent away from justice. Still, such failures are only temporary. That is because there are always people of good will and decency, people like you, who remain determined. Who will light and keep candles of hope, and maintain the struggle for progress even in the darkest times. During these times of fear and folly, we need you to step up now! Please contribute whatever you can to help support Healthcare as a Human Right!

Honor Dr. King By Demanding Healthcare Justice!

The second quote that commands my attention these days is this one, delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in a speech to the Medical Committee for Human Rights, in 1966: "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." PDA was founded on several key principles, among them that our society must respect and ensure the human rights to high quality healthcare, safe housing, a decent job, basic nutrition, education, peace, and equality for all.

We as PDA strongly echo Dr. King's condemnation of the shocking inhumanity inherent to unequal access to healthcare. Perhaps most shockingly, many in Congress actually seek to increase this injustice by repealing or sabotaging the Affordable Care Act knowing they have nothing to enact in its place. We have a ready solution: Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, but the right wing majorities in both the House and the Senate have announced their intentions to privatize and undermine Medicare instead!

Help us stand up for healthcare, peace, the climate, economic and social justice, and fair and open elections, plus ending racism, sexism, poverty, and exploitation, as well as other issues important to you. We can't do anything without you. Please support our efforts with $500, $50 or whatever you can spare now. Money tight? Then contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to sign up to make important movement mobilizing phone calls and/or contact PDA Field Coordinator Judy Hess to get help organizing in your area.

In solidarity,

Donna Smith for Mike H, Judy, Mike F, Deb, Kim, Dan, Teva, Janis, and Amos
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. We're here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need any help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Judy Hess.


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