In Memory Of Tom Hayden Updated for Election Day

Recently, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) lost Tom Hayden, our dear friend, mentor, and one of our founding Advisory Board Members. During the early 1960s, Tom joined the struggle for voting rights in the Deep South, where he faced beatings. Later that decade, he helped lead the protest against the Vietnam War, becoming famous as an author of the Port Huron Statement and as one of the Chicago Eight. Tom served as a State Senator and authored legislation on energy and other issues that helped forge California's reputation for innovation and progressive leadership. He went on to write deeply thoughtful books, teach countless students about peace and justice, and relentlessly advocate for a better world for all. Even as his health failed him, he continued to lead the struggle.

Now, even as we feel his loss, we must continue Tom's work. Please be sure to vote, and bring as many friends as you can to the polls. Vote for progressive candidates and to Dump Trump. (See below for PDA's House Candidate Endorsements). That's what Tom would do. Click here to support PDA'S work on the Climate Emergency, the crisis that became a major focus of Tom's recent advocacy.

As PDA's friend John Nichols of the Nation tweeted: "My dear comrades Tom Hayden and Tim Carpenter always raised the banner for peace. Now, we must raise it!"

PDA Advisory Board Chair Mimi Kennedy explained:

Tom had suffered another stroke Friday. And the doctors just couldn't keep him alive, they said. He'd been hoping to hold on for this election. But he had done his part for this election early, stepping out with a brave letter that attracted much fury from many progressives, telling us that he was okay with Hillary.

From the Port Huron statement to his work on climate justice in the past years-"The Lost Gospel of the Earth" is a great, great book- his writing combined profound spirituality and sacred doubters' faith with hard boiled political strategy and an undying passion for justice. He suffered, physically, in recent months. And now that's over. If ever a man deserved a glorious reception where justice is honored and all things are known....

"Has anybody here seen my old friend Tom, can you tell me where he's gone? I thought I saw him walking up over the hill, with Abraham, Martin and John."

Here are the PDA House Endorsements, listed by State and District:
AZ-03 Rep. Raul Grijalva
AZ-04 Michael Weisser
CA-13 Rep. Barbara Lee
CA-21 Emilio Huerta
CA-23 Wendy Reed
CA-33 Ted Lieu
CA-44 Nanette Barragan
CA-45 Ron Varasteh
CA-46 Bao Nguyen
CA-49 Doug Applegate
CO-04 Bob Seay 
FL-17 April Freeman
FL-25 Alina Valdes
GA-04 Hank Johnson
HI-02 Tulsi Gabbard
IL-09 Rep. Jan Schakowsky 
MA-02 Rep. Jim McGovern 
MD-08 Jamie Raskin
MI-13 Rep. John Conyers 
MN-05 Rep. Keith Ellison
MN-08 Rep. Rick Nolan
NJ-07 Peter Jacob 
NJ-12 Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman
PA-07 Mary Ellen Balchunis
WA-07 Pramila Jayapal 
WI-02 Rep. Mark Pocan 
WI-05 Khary Penebaker

Note: there are several other strong progressives running, but they either didn't seek our endorsement, or else didn't agree to support enough of our progressive policy priorities. PDA has an exacting endorsement policy. We urge you to get involved with PDA after the election to help guide our decisions moving forward, and to vote for all the progressive candidates on your ballot!

PDA is working to pressure Congress by sending more progressives there, and by challenging comfortable incumbents with Progressives. Please pitch in $500, $50, or whatever you can to help us send Progressives to Congress! Money tight? Then sign up with Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make calls from your own home.

In closing, all I have to add is this: I guess we've entered that phase of our lives when we will say goodbye to many of our warriors for peace and justice. So, we pay tribute and keep organizing with young progressives, from among whom our new leaders are already emerging.

With a Heavy Heart,

Donna Smith for Mimi, Mike H, Judy, Mike F., Janis, Deb, Dan, Kim, Teva, Steve, Conor, Amos, and your whole Progressive Democrats of America Family

P.S. Watch Steve Cobble Introducing Tom Hayden, and Tom Remembering Tim Carpenter

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