Invest in Progress, Get a Shot at a Unique Keepsake!

Bernies-Yearning_sm.pngHave you seen this? It's called Bernie's Yearning.  Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, decided he would design and share a new ice cream flavor in honor of Bernie's campaign. He did this quite apart from the B&J's company, on his own as a private citizen, so you won't find this delicious pint anywhere but right here.

PDA has been given one signed and numbered pint of Bernie's Yearning in recognition of our incredible work to support Bernie's campaign.  This is your chance to support the We Want Bernie work PDA does and taste an incredible part of the history of this political revolution started by those who believe that the time has come.

Be Cool and Get in on a Sweet Deal!

Here's a great big PDA thank you to Ben Cohen for his generosity and his support of everything Bernie stands for and that would turn those yearnings into a very real, more just society for us all.

As Ben shows in the video, there is a thick, chocolate disk on top of the yummy ice cream below. The chocolate represents the 1%--those few who have so much of the wealth--that Bernie talks about so much as he has fired up huge crowds all over the country.

if you donate at least $50 to PDA through this special offering, you will be eligible to receive the single pint made just for PDA or another exclusive gift.  Ben only created 40 pints.  Twenty-five went to Bernie's campaign and the other 15 were donated to groups identified as being helpful to spreading the word about Bernie's campaign. 

Ben wanted us to find the best way to use our donated pint to continue our work.  

This is what we decided: the 99th donor who gives 50 dollars or more gets the pint to signify the 99% that Bernie's Campaign supports.*

Donate by Midnight ET Friday, January 29th for a chance to get PDA's pint of fabulous Bernie's Yearning ice cream or another gift!*

Support Our Organizing Now!


John Nichols, the good friend of PDA's who accompanied Bernie on his national listening tour, gave us a small number of signed copies of his great book Dollarocracy.  We will give a signed copy of this hard-cover book as our thanks to the 1st, 10th, 25th, and 50th donor who gives $50 or more.*

Don't worry if you get to the party late. We have gifts for every 10th $50 donor above the 100th. We'll send a Get Money Out Stamp, a book our friend Jonathan Tasini wrote about Bernie, or other Progressive or We Want Bernie items to the 110th, 120th, 130th etc. donor.*

Are you in?  Do you Feel the Bern so much that you need the cool, sweet treat Ben designed for us?  Make your donation today We'll give it until Friday night, January 29th, at midnight, EST, for a chance to get PDA's pint of fabulous Bernie's Yearning ice cream or another great gift.*

Feeling the Bern, your Progressive Democrats of America National Team,
Conor, Deb, Donna, Janis, Jeanne, Judy, Kimberly, Mike F, and Mike H

* This is a donation drive, not a lottery or other game of chance or skill. All gifts will be allocated fairly using the automatic time stamp from the ActBlue system. Checks are welcome, but not eligible for these gifts. Please contact if you have any questions. Void where prohibited.

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