Is Healthcare A Human Right?

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) says healthcare is a basic human right. Unfortunately, the big insurance companies disagree. While we're working with allies to pass ColoradoCare, the wealthy special interests are swamping Colorado airwaves with dishonest propaganda. We need you to donate your time, your money or both right now. If we can show strong support for single payer in Colorado, we can bring the struggle to other states.

If You Know Healthcare Is A Basic Human Right,
We Need Your Help Now To Overcome Big Money


Can we count on you to help advance our Healthcare For All efforts?

As a Coloradan who's endured horrific experiences trying to deal with our broken healthcare system, the ColoradoCare campaign is very personal to me. That's why I'm so honored that Lyn Gullette, a leader with the Campaign Team for says:

PDA and Donna Smith, both nationally and at the state level, have been strong supporters of Colorado's efforts to pass Amendment 69 and secure universal health care. PDA walks the progressive walk and we've watched them skillfully, tenaciously, and powerfully fight against the multi-national corporate profiteers and advocate for the people and for the basic human right to have health care. Colorado is grateful for PDA.

Support PDA's work for healthcare as a human right. Please contribute generously to our efforts on behalf of ColoradoCare.

If you're in Colorado or can travel here to join us for events and canvassing, please contact me at

In solidarity,

Donna Smith for Judy, Mike F, Mike H, Janis, Deb, Dan, Teva, Amos, and Kim, your PDA National Team

P.S. We're here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need any help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Judy HessDon't delay, start organizing now to make a real difference where you live!


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