The Lessons from Iowa

The Message from Iowa: Let's Keep Berning!

Tonight in Iowa we see the beginning of the political revolution so many progressives have worked to ignite and that Bernie Sanders has embraced as his campaign's central theme. It is not a revolution fueled by those already invested with money and power but one built with and for people who believe we can and must do better.

Ever since PDA began its Run Bernie Run petition drive in 2013, we have stayed dedicated to the core issues that we can now legitimately claim have the attention and energy of this presidential race.

Bernie Sanders expresses it best when he uses his now familiar cry, "Not me, us." Whether we are talking about creating a more just, improved and expanded Medicare for all healthcare system, providing access to a college education for all, addressing the climate crisis, or ending the death grip of Citizens' United on our democracy, Bernie Sanders gives us reason to unite.

Tonight's result in Iowa is just the start of the presidential election season. Our work continues and some tough fights are ahead. We won tonight. The revolution is underway. PDA started this, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with all who have come on board since and who will now march on with us to Philadelphia.

In solidarity!

Thom Hartmann
PDA National Board Member

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Watch this amazing video of
Bernie at PDA's 10th anniversary

Watch this amazing video of Bernie at PDA's 10th anniversary and memorial for our founder, Tim Carpenter in Northampton, MA. In it, Bernie previews the rationale for his amazing campaign. Read the article from the Washington Post that explains how Tim Carpenter, launched the draft Bernie effort.

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