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Help us launch our new and improved Progressive Democrats of America under the leadership of incoming Executive Director and long-time friend Donna Smith. We need your ongoing support to nominate and elect great progressive candidates, and to get more progressive legislation passed via the efforts of our sister organization, People Demanding Action.

To accomplish all that, we must do better at the one thing we've not done very well so far during our 11 year history: fundraising. We need ongoing financial support to expand and improve our organizing to build the massive progressive grassroots movement we need to make the changes we all know are long overdue. Only you can make that happen.

Please help us achieve our shared goals! We need you take make your dollars holler by becoming a Change Makes Change (CMC) partner, or by increasing your commitment if you’re already a CMC Partner, (contact Mike Fox to make that happen).

Sorry if this email looks sort of familiar. Our emails were overwhelmed and lost in the ridiculous flood of last-minute year-end emails last week. This is an update, with new information and another chance to support Progressive Democrats of America and get a thank you gift. If you're among the 1000s of our friends whose emails bounced (never got there), we hope you enjoy these offers! 

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The first four people who sign up to become a CMC Partner at $50 per month or more will receive a special gift,  a very limited autographed copy of John Nichols’ and Robert W. McChesney's book Dollarocracy.

“With this book, John Nichols and Bob McChesney invite Americans to examine the challenges facing America in new ways, and to fully recognize the threat that the combination of big money and big media poses to the promise of self-government. They paint a daunting picture, rich in detail based on intense reporting and groundbreaking research….”
— Bernie Sanders

If you’re not among the first four, don’t worry! We have other great gifts for you including—Jeff Clement’s book Corporations are Not People, (paperback) and a “Corporations Are Not People” hand stamp as our thank you for becoming a sustainer at $50 per month or more!

CMC Partners / Sustainers at $25 to $49 per month will receive a copy of Wisdom of Progressive Voices: Volume One of the Wisdom Voices Book Series, (paperback) Edited by Joanne Boyer. Plus a Progressive Mystery Grab Bag of 3 buttons and 3 bumper stickers chosen by Deb

CMC Partners / Sustainers at $10 to $24 per month will get a copy of Wisdom of Progressive Voices.

CMC Partners / Sustainers at $3 to $9 per month will get a bumper sticker chosen by Deb.

Sign up as a CMC Partner, then send an email to to arrange your gift!

Already a CMC partner? Email Mike Fox at to raise your current commitment and receive a gift. 

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Thanks so much for anything you can resolve to make this our best year yet!

Conor, Donna, Deb, Jeannie, Janis, Judy, Kim, Mike F, and Mike H, your PDA National Team



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