March 2016 Letter Drop

This month, we celebrate Spring holidays recognizing hope, redemption and new beginnings. As concerned, informed Americans, we call upon House members to support the People's Budget and call upon Senators to cosponsor good legislation and to oppose misguided "trade" policies that would kill American jobs and undermine our rights.

We urge Senators to vote no on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and all other multinational corporate / commercial agreements that would export U.S. jobs, while elevating special corporate interests to quasi-sovereign status. The full text of TTP is public, revealing that most of the agreement has nothing to do with trade. Its investor dispute resolution provisions would empower unelected international tribunals to undermine local, state, and federal safeguards, and thereby threaten consumers, employees, and the environment. Stand up for your constituents. Vote against the TPP and all other special interest "trade" deals. The vote may be at any time.

We need a comprehensive approach to creating jobs, training our workforce, avoiding financial, infrastructure, and climate crises, and promoting participation in our elections. The market failures that caused the Great Recession threaten to wreck our economy again at any time. Employment participation and wages, especially among youth, continue to lag. Our infrastructure is in dire need of extensive repair, and rebuilding America will help create jobs and expand the economy. (Sen. Bernie Sanders is the lead sponsor of all six of the following bills.)

Please cosponsor the Inclusive Prosperity Act (S.1371) to help stabilize financial markets and raise revenues to help create good American jobs. Also please cosponsor the Rebuild America Act (S.268) to put 13 million Americans to work fixing our crumbling infrastructure. Furthermore, please cosponsor the Living Wage Act (S.1832), the Employ Young Americans Now Act (S. 1506), and the College for All Act (S.1373) to make hard work pay, and to help train our workforce for the 21st Century by making state and community college education tuition free. 

We must address man-made pollution that is destabilizing our climate with disastrous consequences. Increasingly chaotic and dangerous weather patterns threaten lives and communities. Please cosponsor the American Clean Energy Investment Act (S.2391) to facilitate transition to clean, sustainable energy that will protect people and businesses while creating new, good jobs.

Lastly, to help Americans vote, please cosponsor the Democracy Day Act (S.1969) to make Election Day a national holiday and make it easier for working Americans to participate. 

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