National End Corporate Rule Call


Call Time: 6:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM MT, 8:00 PM CT, 9:00 PM ET
Conference Call Number: (605) 562-3140     
Access Code: 754227#
Backup Dial-in Numbers: (951) 262-7373 or (805) 360-1075

Co-Chairs: Jann Campbell and Stephen Spitz

I.     Introductions

       Stephen Spitz  (3 min)

II.    Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring

       Jann Campbell, Stephen Spitz, and Andrea Miller  (5 min)

  1. Democracy Awakening in Washington, DC: April 16-18
    1. RSVP for Democracy Awakening
    2. Endorse the Mobilization
    3. Find a Bus
    4. Help Phonebank
  2. Democracy Spring from Philadelphia to Washington, DC: April 2-18
    1. Click here to RSVP for Democracy Spring!
    2. Information on rally at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia
    3. Information on the 140-mile march from Philadelphia to DC
    4. Information on our protest and mass civil disobedience actions in DC

III.   Koch Brothers’ Supreme Court Upheaval

       Jann Campbell, Stephen Spitz, and Group  (5 min)

  1. What does the Supreme Court vacancy mean?
  2. Can we do a petition to get Merrick Garland confirmed?
  3. How do we get the Senate to obey Article 2, Sec. 2 of the Constitution?

IV.   Hill Update: Andrea Miller’s Report

       Andrea Miller, Stephen Spitz, and Jann Campbell  (7 min)

  1. Defeating the Trans Pacific Partnership
  2. The People’s Budget
  3. Other Legislation

V.    Air Traffic Controllers: Major Victory!   

       Stephen Spitz, Jann Campbell, and Andrea Miller  (6 min)

  1. What next to support workers against privatization?
  2. Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

VI.   Bernie Sanders and other Candidates Putting Our Issues Front and Center

       Stephen Spitz, Jann Campbell, and Group  (15 min)

  1. Presidential Primary Results
    1. VA – Sean Barnett and Stephen Spitz
    2. MA – Russell Freedman
    3. OH – Stephen Spitz
    4. NC – Andrea Miller
    5. IL – Jeanne Dauray
    6. AZ – Group
  2. Presidential Primary – Pending States
  3. States Still Pending – Stephen Spitz
    1. MD – Mike Hersh
    2. RI – Jann Campbell
    3. NM – Paul and Laura Stokes
    4. WA – Walt Kloefkorn?
    5. PA – Walt Ebemeyer?
  1. Congressional PDA Endorsed Primaries - Mike Hersh
    1. MD – Donna Edwards, Jamie Raskin
    2. FL – Alan Grayson

VII.  Key Issues Updates

       Group  (6 min)

  1. Single Payer – Dr Bill Honigman
  2. Glass-Steagall – Dave Sonneborne
  3. Citizens United – Sean Barnett
  4. Social Security – Jann Campbell
  5. Drug Price Negotiation – Stephen Spitz
  6. Anti-Corporate/Wall Street Messaging – Mike Goldman and Jann Campbell

VIII. Kochs’ Puppets Still on the String as Republican Field is Winnowed

       Jann Campbell  (1 min)

IX.  Announcements and Updates

      Jann Campbell  (1 min)

March 23, 2016 at 9pm - 10pm
Your phone and computer: Phone: (605) 562-3140 Access Code: 754227#
Stephen Spitz and Jann Campbell ·

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