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The team will be featuring another distinguished special guest this month, Nii Akuetteh, who has spent decades monitoring, analyzing and teaching international relations, with special emphases on African affairs and how global issues and actors--especially the US--impact Africa. Nii will be discussing Boko Haram and their move into Nigeria, as well as their allegiance to ISIL. Please refer to the following map of North African and the Arabian Peninsula during the discussion.

Additionally, should time permit, Marc Levin of PDAmerica will be speaking on the humanitarian crisis in and around Syria. This will be followed by a brief discussion of Tulsi Gabbard's bill, HR 4108, which would prohibit the use of funds for the provision of assistance to Syrian opposition groups and individuals. We encourage listeners to use the link to read the bill before Tuesday night’s call.

About our Guests...

Nii Akuetteh currently serves as the founding Executive Director of AIC, the African Immigrants Caucus, a DC-based analyst and public speaker who occasionally testifies in & briefs the US Congress. Also a respected analyst and essayist, Nii’s essays, TV and radio analyses and comments have been carried on global media, including: PBS: Washington Week with Glen IfillMSNBC; The PBS Newshour; Democracy Now; Al Jazeera; BBC; CCTV; Press-TV; CBC; RT; Vatican Radio; Pacifica; RFI; The New York Times; The Washington Post; Pambazuka News, the Real News, among others.

Marc Levin’s interest in humanitarian assistance comes from 20 years of experience consulting for and directing the development programs of domestic and international organizations in the fields of human rights, healthcare, and homelessness. Prior to entering the world of international development, Marc worked for 22 years as a social worker in the mental health field as a clinician specializing in traumatized children and adolescents, as a mental health center director, and as a faculty member of several NY-area schools of social work.

December 08, 2015 at 9pm - 10pm
Your phone and computer: Phone: (605) 562-3140 Access Code: 952870#
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