November We Want Bernie Call

Join us this Thursday for an important conference call to discuss the We Want Bernie campaign. We’ll invite special guest media expert Jeff Cohen to discuss how the mainstream media is covering the Sanders campaign and what we can do to overcome the bias.

We’ll also hear reports from We Want Bernie organizers across the country, and discuss ways you can get involved and make a real difference.

We as Progressive Democrats of America are thrilled to be part of Bernie's Political Revolution. We've been organizing nationally to build support for Bernie's presidential campaign for a few years now.

PDA is all about building a grassroots populist progressive majority: the Political Revolution Bernie Sanders is calling for. We launched the Run Bernie Run effort to show Bernie there was widespread support for his potential presidential campaign. 

While some organizations kept trying to coax other people to run, we never wavered in our commitment to Bernie. We hope you will join us in the movement PDA has been building since our launch in 2004. 

PDA needs your help to do this work, so please click here to support us! Please donate generously now to help PDA help Bernie win! 

Money tight? Click here to contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to join the PDA We Want Bernie phone and / or leadership team. He'll get you started making easy calls from your own home and / or organizing as a team leader or a host of a small house party, meetup, rally, or fundraiser event. 

We've worked with Bernie on many issues, and we agree with him that, “The only way we take on the Koch brothers and take on the billionaire class, and people who have unbelievable money and power, the only [way] we can do that is when we put together a strong grassroots movement of millions and millions of people.” 

If you agree we need a large and powerful grassroots movement to achieve progress, please join us! PDA’s nationwide volunteer base and organizing skills are more vital than ever. Bernie's campaign must focus on the early primary and caucus states. That means PDA activists must step up in the other states to pave the way for Bernie’s campaign.

If you're connected to the official Bernie 2016 campaign and they're keeping you busy, great! However, if you have more to give than Bernie's campaign is asking for, then we will certainly keep you busy.  This is about joining the Political Revolution, via official Bernie 2016, PDA's We Want Bernie campaign, or both.

Don't forget PDA is offering high quality, union made We Want Bernie gear. Get your buttons, t-shirts, and bumper stickers to show your support for Bernie Sanders! Click here to see and order the items.

In solidarity,

Conor Boylan
PDA Executive Director

P.S.--Without PDA’s early organizing efforts, this historic campaign might never have taken off!  Please make a generous donation now to keep the organizing going. Click here to support PDA’s grassroots work to elect Bernie.

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