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This is just a quick report to you about the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Southwest leg of the Bernie Sanders for President road trip. PDA is dedicated to building the progressive movement-what Bernie Sanders calls the "political revolution." Thanks to your support, we're very effective reaching out to voters with our allies National Nurses United (NNU) delivering a direct message: "Yes We Can!"

We’ve had a fabulous time in Arizona and New Mexico. First and foremost, our PDA chapters here did us proud by assisting with terrific stops for the NNU Bernie Bus. PDA was the first national organization to back Bernie Sanders for President because we knew no one else would advocate for the policies we need to make progress. We were correct. Bernie is bringing your message to the people!

Making our economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy elite. Massive investment in our people and our crumbling infrastructure. Single Payer Healthcare/Medicare for All. Real action on climate. No fracking. No bad "free" trade deals. College for all. Making Wall Street pay to bail out Main Street. Breaking up big banks. No reckless regime change. Economic and social justice. Ensuring Black lives Matter. Getting big money out of our politics so voters can get back in. All these issues we care about and more.

Without Bernie running, these progressive principles would not have been discussed at all during this presidential election cycle. Thanks to your support, our issues cannot be ignored. Donate generously now to help elect Bernie and other progressives! You can also donate here to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!

Outgoing PDA Executive Director Conor Boylan (on the left in the photo) and PDA Arizona State Coordinator Dan O'Neal joined the Bernie Bus in Phoenix. Meanwhile, I wrapped up a weekend of single-payer and Bernie organizing with John Nichols (Author, Nation Magazine writer, MSNBC Contributor) in Seattle.

Then, I joined the NNU bus in Tucson where Conor and Dan were among the PDA crew making stops with PDA Tucson leader Phil Lopes at Pima Community College, media outlets, and finally with other Bernie PDA friends for phone banking. After a short night’s sleep at 6 am it was on to Albuquerque to meet up with PDA New Mexico Co-coordinators Paul and Laura Stokes, and the wonderful Teva Gabis-Levine at the University of New Mexico. There, we had a special spot on the beautiful campus pedestrian mall where we spent an incredibly busy afternoon greeting students, staff and others on the UNM campus.

We were sharing NNU Bernie swag and creating more excitement around Bernie’s political revolution. We had TV coverage from two local stations and the student newspaper covered the stop. We finished up with a great dinner together with our NNU Bernie bus riders, our PDA chapter, and several UNM students.

En route to our next stops, Conor and I discussed all the things we are working on as this election season proceeds. Great brainstorming with updates of interest to follow in the coming days. Then, I headed back to Denver for more Bernie efforts in advance of Super Tuesday.

I’m rejoining the NNU Bernie bus when it arrives back in Colorado tonight. I'll spend Friday on the bus in Denver and Boulder before departing tomorrow afternoon for the California Democratic convention. Please support Our Ongoing Travel and Organizing to help elect Bernie and other progressives! Pitch in whatever you can afford now!

Money tight? We understand. Get on the phones to help get out the vote! Whether you've made calls before or never have, Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference in the upcoming primary and caucus states!

Thank you to all of you for giving us the chance to be a part of PDA's and NNU's historic work for Bernie. I am so honored to be a part of PDA. Now, I am thinking of getting some sleep since my alarm goes off in just a few hours.


Donna Smith
PDA Executive Director

P.S. Working together, we shocked the world. Bernie's growing political revolution overcame Hillary Clinton's big machine / big money politics to erase 40 point leads for a virtual tie in Iowa, a historic landslide in New Hampshire, and a narrow loss in Nevada. We need all hands on deck now, more than ever.

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