PDA's Issue Teams on the MOVE!

As you may have heard, Progressive Democrats of America has a sister organization, People Demanding Action--a c4 non-profit. As part of our ongoing organizing, PDAction will begin managing our issue organizing teams (IOTs), moving forward. 

PDAction is every bit a member of the PDA family, and PDA's issue team leaders and members will also remain important members of the PDA family! This is an important transition point as we continue our work on progressive issues. Click here to make sure you're signed up for the issue teams you're interested in.

Our Issue Teams are Moving to People Demanding Action

The issue teams will continue to evaluate and discuss legislation. They will also make sure our endorsed candidates are fully informed and aligned with our policy positions.

That means our issue teams and spokespeople will continue to develop and clearly articulate our positions--especially as PDAction works within growing and expanding coalitions.

If you've been active with the issue teams as a coordinator or participant, nothing much will change from your vantage point. If anything, you will enjoy more support and cooperation from partnering organizations and guest speakers who may have had reservations about working with a partisan PAC.

PDAction is opening new opportunities to work with other non-profits and organizations that cannot work in a partisan context. If you haven't participated with an issue team previously, this might be a great opportunity to get involved! Please click here to sign up for updates and other information about the issue teams!

All of us at PDAmerica and PDAction thank Jeanne Marie Dauray for her tremendous work helping to coordinate the issue teams. She has decided to step away from her paid staff position, but plans to continue as a volunteer.

This is a time of great new possibilities for the issue teams! PDAction has exciting plans to use new technologies and tools including webinars to share information and help build engagement in progressive issue work and legislative action.

It is also a time of transition during which we will work together to make things really sing. Looking forward to an exciting new era for achievement on progressive issues!

Peace and thanks,

Andrea Miller and Donna Smith,
Executive Directors of PDAction and PDAmerica

P.S. Our work never ends. Will you spend an hour or three on the phones? Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference with Get Out The Vote calls! No time to volunteer? Please donate now! 

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