PDA Super Tuesday Report

Progressive Democrats of America launched our Run Bernie Run campaign urging Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2013. That feels like some time ago, and so much has happened since.

We share Bernie and Jane Sanders' commitment to a 50 state nominating contest to make sure the voices of voters in every state are heard. After tonight, fewer than a third of the states will have weighed in. All Americans should share in this decision, and we respect their chance to support this campaign.

In It to Win It to All 50 States!


A word about where this campaign really began: Northampton, MA on May 10, 2014. PDA hand-delivered 10,000s of signatures to Bernie Sanders, urging him to run for president.

He was noncommittal then, but before long he officially announced his candidacy. Soon, PDA volunteers were working all around the country bringing the Bernie Sanders message to voters. 

PDA was the first national organization to back Bernie Sanders for President. Donate $3 or more now to help PDA elect Bernie and other progressives! You can also donate to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!

PDA has been with Bernie all the way, from events in Iowa and Wisconsin, to the California convention last month and the Massachusetts convention last year (we'll be there later this year). We've joined National Nurses United (NNU) bus tours across the U.S.A. to help Bernie win!

At this point, no one knows what the ultimate outcome of the presidential primary will be. The establishment insiders have told us from the start that this was a fait accompli. We disagreed in 2013, and we disagree now. Many voters have yet to vote. Many have yet to hear the essential message that our economic and political systems must work for all of us--not just for the big banks, Wall Street, and the billionaires.

After today, nothing changes. We will follow Bernie's lead in committing to win the nomination. We've already exceeded all earlier expectations, and we're not even half done. We are in this campaign to win the White House.

We helped launch this campaign to change the conversation about politics and economics in America, and we've done so. Along the way, we've found so many millions of allies and supporters: small donors, door knockers, phone callers, and more.

Winning is sometimes a messy business and the path can be uneven. As Dr. Martin Luther King said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." We will continue working together to bend that arc.

We can't do anything without you. If you support us, we will remain strong, and continue striving to exemplify the courage of our convictions. Please kick in $3 or more to support Our Ongoing Travel and Organizing to help elect Bernie! Pitch in whatever you can afford now!

Money tight? We understand. Get on the phones to help get out the vote! Whether you've made calls before or never have, 
Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference in the upcoming primary and caucus states!

For Peace and Progress!

Donna, Mike H, Judy, Jeanne, Mike F, Janis, Deb, Kim, and Conor
Your PDA National Team

P.S. Working together, we shocked the world. Bernie's political revolution overcame Hillary Clinton's big machine / big money politics to erase 40 point leads for a virtual tie in Iowa, a historic landslide in New Hampshire, and a narrow loss in Nevada. No one expected this to be easy. We're in this for all 50 states. We need all hands on deck now, more than ever.


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