Personal Report From Philadelphia

I've just gotten my feet on the ground in Philadelphia. Whether you are going to join in Philadelphia or not, please know we carry with us the energy, passion, and compassion that each of you poured into this presidential primary. PDA is making a real difference, and it's still possible for all of us to make an even greater difference. In preparation, your PDA national staff has been working incredibly hard to make sure that our 5th Progressive Central is the most successful ever. We've worked so hard, in fact, that the event is sold out. Imagine that. Our voice is as Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is increasingly heard and respected.

In addition to our work on Progressive Central, PDA is so very proud of all of our DNC delegates headed to Philly. We have identified more than 220 Bernie delegates in our ranks, and we know there are also Hillary delegates who are our PDA sisters and brothers. I wish all PDA delegates a successful convention that helps move the Democratic Party in a far more progressive direction. PDA will be at work assisting delegates on the floor. We're proud that we have more than 220 PDA members who plan to be on the convention floor as delegates at the Democratic National Convention. We want to support them as much as we can. Please contribute $5, $50, $500 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing! If you're a delegate and you need any help, find PDA's Mike "Delegate Guy" Fox.

Dearest PDA Teammates

We hope you’ll join with us declaring independence from politics as usual. Your generous support keeps us going. Without you, we couldn’t accomplish anything. With your help, we'll keep challenging the party machine and elected officials, demanding that they live up to progressive democratic principles of peace, justice, equality, and inclusion. We hope to reach at least 2016 total donations before we begin Progressive Central this Monday. At this point, we're just over 100 donations short. We can do it! Will you help? Please contribute $5, $50, $500 or whatever you can now!

We invite all those going to Philly to join the historic March for a Clean Energy Revolution Sunday. RSVP to march with People Demanding Action. The temperature is expected to be in the mid-90s, so dress lightly, use sunscreen, and take other precautions to stay safe. Be sure to bring water bottles (there will be refill stations along the route), and check in at this website for more information including buses to the March, schedules, and other essentials.

Then, after staying safe and hydrated at the March, please join us Monday morning, July 25th, at 9:30 am, for a DNC hosted/Bernie supported workshop on single-payer, Medicare for all. National Nurses United, Progressive Democrats of America, and Healthcare-Now are the co-sponsors.Space is limited so please arrive early. Our program Medicare for All: The Road to a Single-Payer Health Care Program with be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 in Ballroom A, form 9:30 am - 10:30 am.

Leading health care advocates from National Nurses United and Progressive Democrats of America will discuss the path to the single-payer health care system we need and how we can organize together to ensure that healthcare is a right, and not a privilege. This promises to be one of our best chances ever to gain support for single-payer.

I could list so many other activities you may want to join in, while you're in Philly. For those not coming, we hope to offer live streaming of Progressive Central so we can virtually bring everyone into the room! I could list so many other activities you may want to join in, while you're in Philly. For those not coming, we hope to offer live streaming of Progressive Central so we can virtual bring everyone into the room!

We are so appreciative of every single one of you on our team. All of this work, all of this PDA engagement, comes just one month after we celebrated and co-hosted the amazing People's Summit in Chicago. And for a small, but mighty national staff, this has been an expensive and exhausting, but rewarding time. We need your continued support financially now more than ever before. Progressive Central costs are running higher than expected. We kept registration prices lower than our costs. We need your support now to keep afloat, so please contribute $5, $50, $500 or whatever you can! Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to you, PDA's influence is rising.


Donna for Mike H, Mike F, Judy, Janis, Deb, Conor, Steve, and Kimberly-your PDA National Team

P.S. PDA is the insurgency in the Democratic Party. Do you want to help us stand up for the principles you believe in? Please donate now!


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