Phase Two Begins!

Today, voters in the District of Columbia are weighing in on the Democratic nomination, marking the end of the primary process. As this phase ends, a new phase begins. After all the votes are counted, neither Senator Bernie Sanders nor Secretary Clinton will have clinched the nomination. Bernie can and will win in Philadelphia if we do all we can to help! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make important calls! Too busy to volunteer? Then contribute $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing!

Pitch In Now to Help Us Maintain the Movement!

Progressive Democrats of America will host Progressive Central in Philadelphia coinciding with the Democratic National Convention, July 25-27. Please save these dates and plan to join us! We need your help now to make these events successful. Please contribute now to help us welcome and mobilize Bernie delegates, and to keep us organizing for a governing progressive majority! If you can afford automatic $10 or $5 monthly contributions, that would make the biggest difference!

Like Bernie says, this is about "us, not me". When Bernie announced his candidacy, we were the first national organization to endorse him. We should always remember that—without Progressive Democrats of America—there wouldn't be such a powerful Bernie Sanders campaign or such a powerful political revolution! Without your support now, the People's Political Revolution may fade away. We cannot afford to squander all our hard work. Please pitch in whatever you can afford now to help keep PDA organizing for you!

This is about a Future We Can Believe In. We only lose if we quit, and we've come too far to quit now! Most of all we've already made history, so let's make even more history! Money tight? Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox now to make important, quick and effective mobilizing calls.

We understand that some people reading this support Secretary Clinton, and we respect your opinion. Whether–like the overwhelming majority of PDA supporters–you Feel The Bern, or else if you think Senator Sanders should wind up his campaign, we can all agree on a few facts: This is much bigger than any one candidiate. Despite any opinions, media reports, or other propaganda to the contrary, there is still no Democratic nominee. 

The Democratic National Convention will be contested, and so-called Super Delegates will determine our next Democratic nominee for president. They can change their minds any time before they vote on July 25th (we erroneously wrote 24th previously). We know these facts, and that is why we will not call on Bernie to drop out. We will not stop working to help Bernie win. We cannot stress this enough: we will continue building this grassroots progressive movement no matter what. 

PDA was the very first organization to endorse Sen. Sanders because he committed himself to working for the most important issues his entire career, and because his campaign was designed to build a powerful grassroots progressive movement. Please contribute $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing for that movement! Money tight? We understand. Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox now to make important, quick and effective mobilizing calls from your own home.

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh
PDA Communications Director

P.S. Save the dates: July 25-27. PDA will host the Progressive Central People's Convention in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention. Please contribute $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can afford right now to help us mobilize on the ground in Philadelphia and elsewhere! Money tight? Then contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox now to make important movement building calls!


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