Poison a Person go to Jail, Poison a City Stay as Governor?

We Are All Flint, Michigan!

Are you as outraged as we are by the reckless disregard for life Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has repeatedly shown? Last summer, Progressive Democrats of America and People Demanding Action joined with our allies to defend the basic human right to water in Detroit.

A broad coalition marched, organized call-in days, and otherwise protested against Snyder’s unfair austerity policies. We fought him and we won. We’d hoped that he'd learned his lesson. Clearly he hasn't.

Now, we're asking you to join with PDA and our allies—notably Bernie Sanders, and award-winning documentarian and Flint native Michael Moore—to demand accountability. Michael Moore is asking us to join him through an online petition.

Stand up for Flint. Sign the petition.

Bernie released a statement last Saturday saying, “Thousands may have been exposed to potential brain damage from lead. Gov. Snyder should resign.”

Michael Moore goes even further. He says “Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, along with the premeditated actions of his administrators, has effectively poisoned the children of Flint by allowing lead and other toxins to enter their drinking water. The consequences are devastating now and will be for generations to come. For this outrageous catastrophe, Gov. Snyder must resign—and go to jail.”

What do you think is the appropriate level of accountability? Is Michael Moore Right? Is Bernie? Both? What Will You Do for Flint?

Are you among those demanding politicians be held accountable? Don't we all want to do everything we can do for the babies, the children, the mothers and the fathers of Flint, MI, to assure that they have safe, clean water? After all, if it can happen there, it can and will happen elsewhere. Aren't we all Flint residents?

Listen to Michael Moore discuss this issue on MSNBC. After you listen, take action! Join with Bernie and Michael demanding accountability for Governor Snyder. Stand up for the people of Flint. Sign the petition.

Austerity is a scam, designed to take our basic human rights, the necessities we take for granted, and hold them hostage. Greedy corporations and their lapdog politicians have denied access to safe water as a weapon to drive people from their homes, and to plunder public treasuries and family savings accounts. All this to enrich the top 1%.

Take action now! Next time, if those who manipulate us through austerity have their way, the misery they cause may be coming to your town, and your state. We will not stand by as corporations and politicians poison or deprive anyone's babies or grand babies. Let's help however we are able—today.

Donate whatever you can afford by card or check to help us continue our critically important organizing.

Michael Moore is asking us
to sign an online petition

Michael Moore:
“Michigan Governor
Rick Snyder...has effectively poisoned the
children of Flint by allowing lead and other
toxins to enter their drinking water....

For this outrageous catastrophe, Gov. 
Snyder must resign—and go to jail.”

Stand up for Flint. Sign the petition.

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Conor, Deb, Donna, Janis, Jeanne, Judy, Kimberly, Mike F, and Mike H
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

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