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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is doing our best to celebrate Presidents' Day. It's difficult when the current bearer of that title offers us nothing to celebrate and so much to bemoan, and when we had hoped for and worked so hard to elect President Bernie Sanders. So we focus on considering past presidents who may deserve our accolades.

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Looking back, it's hard to find any presidents who've earned our wholehearted praise. While Lyndon Johnson did so much to address poverty and provide healthcare to those who couldn't afford it, his administration was ultimately ruined by imperialist actions in Vietnam.

FDR's New Deal greatly advanced the doctrine that our government should partner with people to help us thrive, but even his presidency was marred by internment of Japanese Americans, and serious holes in his programs that left people of color behind.

Abe Lincoln's legacy includes preserving the union, ending slavery, and other landmark achievements like establishing the land grant college program, so perhaps we should focus on his record of achievement as we reflect on the 45 men who've served as our president?

Note: among those 45 presidents, we have only elected one person of color, and have yet to elect even one woman as president. That's not the only reason PDA supports Economic and Social Justice, as well as the 3-State Strategy to ratify the Equal Right Amendment. The lingering injustice and imperialism inherent to "American Exceptionalism", along with the horrifying behavior of the Trump regime, clearly show how far we have yet to go "in order to form a more perfect union."

Still, this is a holiday, a time to celebrate, not regret and certainly not retreat. PDA is striving to make the Democratic Party more progressive, and we remain steadfast in our support for popular progressive policies: Ending Wars And Occupations, Healthcare as a Human Right, Ending Corporate Rule, Voter Access Protection and Election Protection, Ending Corporate Rule, Ending Climate Change, and more. See our full issue agenda here.

On the healthcare issue, we strongly oppose Congressional Republicans' plans to privatize Medicare, block grant Medicaid, and slash the critical protections of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). PDA always recognizes that we must move forward to a Medicare for all, single-payer system as the only viable replacement for the ACA.

We are proud members of the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare with other national allies. We reject Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan's dark vision of a return to the massive levels of un-insurance and the suffering and death that their profit-first healthcare agenda envisions.

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P.S. Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore joined Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)'s Executive Director Donna Smith, her fellow subjects of the documentary movie SiCKO, and PDA activists on February 9, 2017 for our biggest call ever! If you missed the call or want to hear it again, please click here, and then please donate $500, $50, or whatever you can afford now to help PDA organize for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. Money tight? Then join our PDA Healthcare is a Human Right issue team. Click on the link, then scroll down and check the box next to "Healthcare Human Rights."

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