Real Butter Real Bernie for Wisconsin

When I was a young girl, we would take the drive from Chicago to Eagle River, WI, and try to avoid the Dells.  We wanted to enjoy all that was authentic Wisconsin and avoid tourist traps whenever possible.  On the Illinois side of the border were signs marketing “oleo” or margarine to those coming in from the dairy state, and on the Wisconsin side we were always thrilled to see signs promoting “butter”–the real, dairy deal.

Authenticity for Wisconsin, and America

Bernie offers voters that same choice, it seems to me.  It is the difference between something that looks, feels and perhaps even tastes similar at times and the real thing.  Wisconsin has already produced some incredible progressives over the years, like Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette Sr. who ran as a Progressive candidate for president in 1924. (Pictured is “Fighting Bernie” Sanders speaking at Fighting Bobfest in 2009.)

We are counting on Wisconsin and you to bring home a victory for Bernie this Tuesday! Already, Mike “the Phone Guy” Fox has his PDA phone bankers revved up and dialing. Are you ready to help make that happen on April 5th? We need you to be part of that effort for Wisconsin now and then ready to go to work to win New York through targeted, purposeful GOTV efforts.

Whether you've made calls before or never have, Mike will help you make a difference in Wisconsin and upcoming primary and caucus states with Get Out The Vote calls from your own home. No time to volunteer? You can still help. Donate $5 or more now to help PDA elect Bernie and other progressives! You can also donate to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!

We know you are all working hard in your own chapters and states to support PDA endorsed candidates and GOTV work.  Our small staff has had to dig deeper, worker smarter and longer, and stay prepared to turn on a dime.  Your support of our work is what keeps us going.  Who ever thought we’d get this far?  And we are going the distance. With you at our side.

Please engage this weekend with our work. Every primary now becomes just that much more critical than the last in advancing Bernie towards victory. And when Bernie wins, we all win.  Isn’t that the point?

Donna Smith for Mike F, Mike H, Conor, Deb, Janis, Kim, and Judy
Your real deal, butter or bust, Bernie team at PDA

For more info about oleo vs. real Wisconsin butter, please click here.

Will you spend an hour or three on the phones? Mike Fox will help you make a difference with Get Out The Vote calls! No time to volunteer? Please donate now!



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