Remembering Dr. Quentin Young, M.D.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and the movement to for healthcare as a human right lost a genuine hero for single-payer healthcare. Dr. Quentin Young, was a dear friend to many. He was the medical doctor for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a pillar of the single payer campaign.

Dr. Quentin Young, MD: American Hero—b. 1923; d. 2016


I remember how proud PDA Founder Tim Carpenter was years ago when Quentin drafted an email blast to PDA's base. Tonight, that seems a lifetime ago and an instant ago all at once.

We'll honor Quentin's life tonight (Wednesday, March 9, 2016) on our Healthcare is Human Right Call.

Call Time: 6 PM PT, 7 PM MT, 8 PM CT, 9 PM ET
Conference Call Number: (605) 562-3140
Access Code: 733525#
Backup Numbers: (951) 262-7373 or (805) 360-1075

Our National Board Member, Rep. John Conyers, the lead sponsor of H.R. 676—the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All legislation—will honor Quentin's life by entering a memorial statement into the official Congressional record. Ms. Cynthia Martin, Mr. Conyers’ Chief of Staff, told us this will most definitely happen soon. She emphasized Mr. Conyers' deep personal affection and professional respect for Dr. Young.

Dr. Quentin Young was a true American hero, a nationally-renowned leader on social justice issues, and one of the preeminent advocates for single-payer national healthcare—expanded and improved Medicare for All. He served as National Coordinator for Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), chaired the American College of Physicians' Subcommittee on Human Rights and Medical Practice, and served as National President of the American Public Health Association in 1998. He retired from medical practice in 2008 in order to focus full-time on fighting the corporate takeover of medicine in America.

Please join us in our individual thoughts and prayers for Dr. Quentin Young's family—and all of us, his extended family—thanking him and remembering him for a life spent in selfless service to others and his nation.


Donna Smith

Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, and Co-Recipient of the Physicians for a National Health Program's (PNHP) "Quentin Young Healthcare Justice Award"

P.S. Please honor Quentin's memory with a generous donation to carry on his life's work: to establish a Medicare for All healthcare plan. You will receive a copy of the DVD Fix It, an effective tool to educate people about the need for a single layer health plan, with a $50 donation. We gratefully accept donations of any size.

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