Remove Rahm Emanuel

Laquan McDonald. Ronald Johnson. Quintonio LeGrier. Bettie Jones. How many more innocent Chicagoans will die by police bullets on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s watch? How many more public schools will he close? 

Chicago needs and deserves a mayor who respects its citizens’ lives, and a properly trained police force that truly serves and protects Chicagoans.

For us, it's personal. We live or lived in Chicago, and we're disgusted at what we've seen. After several years of gross mismanagement and neglect, it's clear that Chicago needs a new mayor.

Daily protests call for the mayor’s resignation. Lend your support!

  Help us remove Rahm Emanuel

Contact your Illinois Representative
and ask them to cosponsor HB 4356

  Donate generously today
to help support this effort.


Call Emanuel’s office: (312)-744-3300

If you think Chicago's children deserve a quality education and all Chicagoans deserve a police force that respects their rights, then join Progressive Democrats of America in calling for Rahm Emanuel’s immediate resignation or recall from office.

Even if you don’t live in Chicago, now is a pivotal moment to show that those in power must be held accountable for their actions. Here’s how you can help PDA make a real change in Chicago:

Use our advocacy tool to contact your Illinois Representative and ask them to cosponsor HB 4356. If enacted, this legislation would subject Mayor Rahm Emanuel to recall. Even its consideration may push the mayor to resign

Donate generously today to help support this effort.

Call Mayor Emanuel’s office and demand his immediate resignation: (312)-744-3300.

Contact State Representative LaShawn Ford (D-Dist. 8) at (217) 782-5962 / email and thank him for sponsoring HB 4356.

If we stand up and take action together, we can make a difference.

In solidarity,

Donna Smith, Conor Boylan, Jeanne Marie Dauray, Andrea Miller, Bill Bianchi, and Stephen Spitz
On behalf of all concerned current and former Chicagoans, and all caring progressives

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