See You In Philadelphia!

Today, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and California voted. We won't know all the results until very late tonight (or early tomorrow), but we know this: neither candidate clinched the nomination. Bernie Sanders won several hundreds of additional pledged delegates. Super Delegates don't vote until July 25th, and can change their minds at any time. That means the Convention in Philadelphia will choose the nominee. Not the media; the delegates will decide.

Our movement is growing! Bernie Sanders and Progressive Democrats of America remain committed to building the political revolution! Please pitch in $500, $50, or whatever you can afford now to help keep PDA organizing for you! Money tight? You can still help! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make critically important mobilization calls from your own home!

Once Again, The Establishment Tells Us "It's Over."
They're Wrong. Our Political Revolution is Growing!


Today, once again, millions of Democrats, independents, and others rejected the status quo. That's grest news for those of us who care about the climate, economic and social justice, fair elections, and peace, as well as Medicare, jobs, and higher education for all. Bernie Sanders built his political revolution based on these principles and positions, and—despite the Establishment's concerted efforts to ignore, mock, and fight our movement—we are taking this struggle to Philadelphia and beyond!

Progressive Democrats of America is cosponsoring a major movement-building effort. Please join us in Chicago June 17th-19th for The People’s Summit. Sign up now! Registration closes June 10th. We want to keep this mass mobilization and summit affordable. As a special thanks to PDA for co-convening this historic event, the main organizers have offered 50 special scholarships, a great deal including registration and many meals for as little as $25! First come first serve, only for PDA supporters, using this special link. Also, click here for possible transportation by Rally Bus.

If you can't join us at the Summit, please donate whatever you can afford right now to help cover our travel and organizing costs. The People’s Summit is the next logical step in this movement. PDA represents the insurgency in the Democratic Party. Your donation will also help support PDA's regular organizing, and our other ambitious efforts.

Since 2013, PDA has been working to elect Bernie Sanders. We have:

  • Distributed over 400,000 print materials
  • Made several 10,000s of phone calls
  • Put thousands of activists on the ground
  • Devoted uncounted hours to build the political revolution

We've also made a lot of friends along the way. One of them, talented artist Eric Sokoloff, created a beautiful portrait of Bernie Sanders. Now, he is offering a limited run of 99 numbered first edition high-quality prints, suitable for framing. One of these prints will be yours as our thank you for a donation of $99 or more—signifying our struggle for the 99%. Hurry! Get your print while they last!

Don't forget about Progressive Central coinciding with the Democratic National Convention, (Philadelphia, July 25-27). Please save these dates and plan to join us! We need your help now to make these events successful. Please contribute $5 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing!

Once again, the establishment—the billionaires, the big banks, and other special-interested operators of machine politics—have claimed victory. We've heard that over and over before.

Once again, the corporate media insiders say the campaign is over. Don't believe it. Join us standing with Bernie Sanders working together for the political revolution we need.

Onward To Philadelphia!

Join our PDA Phone Team to make important calls. Too busy to volunteer? Contribute now to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!


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