Stand Up Against Voter Suppression (Updated)

Voter Suppression takes many forms. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in 2004 on principles including Clean, Fair, Open and Transparent Elections. In 2005, we were among the lead organizations working to investigate wholesale voter suppression in Ohio, and we've dedicated ourselves to promoting democracy. 

When media outlets decide to make news, rather than report it, that's a serious concern. When the narrative they create is likely to suppress voting, PDA cannot remain silent. Please join with us demanding that media refrain from announcing any conclusions likely to suppress turnout by contributing to our Emergency Stop Voter Suppression fund now!

Voters and Only Voters Must Decide Election Results!

Please help us protect the integrity of our electoral system. We can't afford or allow voter suppression of any kind. No matter who you think should be elected, we must all agree that our elections must be fair and beyond reproach! Please support our Emergency Stop Voter Suppression fund now!

UPDATE: The Associated Press (AP) jumped the gun even more than we'd feared, announcing inaccurately that Secretary Clinton clinched the nomination. This ahead of the consortium of news media that had previously planned to prematurely designate a "presumptive" winner in the Democratic Primaries tomorrow evening.

PDA isn't a "virtual" / online only organization. We've had our feet on the ground working from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and New Hampshire—and other states as well! Donate $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can afford now to keep the political revolution growing! Money tight? Then join our PDA Phone Team to make important Get Out The Vote calls. Too busy to volunteer? Contribute now to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!


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