Step Up Now to Help Us Make Progress!

Every delegate counts in our ongoing campaign to bring the Democratic Party back to its New Deal / Great Society roots. If you agree with Bernie that the status quo isn't working for the 99%, will you join our grassroots campaign?

 Our Political Revolution is Just Beginning!

PDA-CA-rally.pngHere are four things you can do to help!

1 - Remember to vote for Bernie and other progressives in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island tomorrow, Tuesday April 26th, and bring 3 friends to support Bernie and other progressives.

2 - Donate now to keep PDA organizing for you and / or get on the phones for Get Out the Vote GOTV now whether or not your state is voting tomorrow.

3 - Show your support with exclusive PDA Bernie swag including Union-made t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, rally signs and more.

4 - Register now for the People's Summit in Chicago June 17 to 19, make sure to identify as a PDA supporter.

Every delegate pledged to work with Bernie Sanders brings us that much closer to real progress. Bernie is close to forcing a contested convention.

No one predicted that outcome when PDA began our Run Bernie Run effort in 2013. Few thought it was possible just last month. Even today, most "experts" don't know how close we are to this important accomplishment. The Clinton Campaign knows how close we are, however, and that's why they're spending $millions to derail our movement.

We can't let them bury us with their big money from big oil, Wall Street, and billionaires. If we can elect enough delegates, we will use that leverage to put important policies into the party platform. PDA will be at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, and we hope you'll help us bring as many delegates as possible with us.

We're making plans to include you in this process, so watch for reports on our progress later this week. This effort requires our teamwork and focus. We need your help now! Please contribute $5 or whatever you can now to help sustain our organizing.

We hope to see you at the Chicago Summit. You can find more information and register here. We urge you to be as generous as possible when you register, because your payment will help PDA bring more of our organizers to join us. Visit the page regularly for frequent updates! See the article here for some of the advanced buzz!

Talented artist Eric Sokoloff, created a beautiful portrait of Bernie Sanders. Now, he is offering a limited run of 99 numbered first edition high-quality prints, suitable for framing. One of these prints will be yours as our thank you for a donation of $99 or more, signifying our struggle for the 99%. Hurry! Get your print while they last! Can't afford $99? Then please kick in whatever you can.



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