Thanksgiving 2015 Blast

Progressive Democrats of America wishes you a happy healthy holiday season. In a few days, many of us will sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner, and celebrate the blessings that this nation of immigrants has bestowed on all of us. As we celebrate, we recognize that many people here and around the world cannot join in, because they're fleeing violence and other hardship.We believe in the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is what America is about. 


 The First Thanksgiving Established an important American Tradition


 Invest now and help us to push for progress on issues that matter


We believe in the struggle to create a place at the table for the immigrants of Iraq and Syria, and other war torn places. We urge you to consider making a special holiday donation to PDA as we continue this struggle to extend basic rights to all. 

If you've already invested in PDA, we extend our deepest thanks, especially if you are a Change Makes Change sustainer. If you haven't given yet, or if you can afford to give more, we hope you'll take this opportunity to make a real difference. 

When you invest in PDA you are supporting our unique "Educate Congress" letter drops, and making sure that we can continue hand-delivering advocacy letters to more than 350 members of Congress in district offices and on the Hill. 

When you invest in PDA you are supporting the Progressive Round Table, where we build bridges between legislators and activists on Capitol Hill to facilitate organizing. Recently we've organized to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and stop climate change, protect and expand Social Security, expand and improve Medicare for all, create sustainable green jobs for everyone, provide tuition-free college, and much more!

When you invest in PDA you are supporting our issue teams and our ability to welcome wonderful guests to essential organizing calls, like last week’s issue team call with Phyllis Bennis on the situation in Syria and the Paris attacks. Invest now and help us to push for change and assistance for Syrian immigrants.

When you invest in PDA you know that your investment is going somewhere. Recently, we mobilized support for the Iran deal, and we won. We worked to draft Bernie Sanders to run for presidential, and he listened. Your donation helps us work for progress on a wide range of issues, and together, we have a proven record for success. 

This holiday when you are looking to for that special and meaningful gift to give to yourself or your family, consider investing in a better future for you and for them by investing in PDA.  

Happy Thanksgiving,

Conor, Kim, Andrea, Mike Hersh, Jeanne, Judy, Mike Fox, Deb, and Janis  

Your PDA National Team

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