Two Years Ago This Month

PDA met in Western Massachusetts to make history.

We did 3 big things that weekend: (1) We marked the 10th anniversary of PDA;
(2) We celebrated the life of the great Tim Carpenter, our founder, who had passed on much too early only a few days before. But not until he made sure that Senator Sanders would attend our 10-year convention, by making repeated calls to Bernie’s team from his hospital bed;
(3) We publicly launched the “Run, Bernie, Run!” campaign to draft Bernie Sanders to run for President as a Democrat, the very first national organization to do so!


Without our encouragement and early efforts, there might not have been a Bernie for President campaign. We should always remember that—without Progressive Democrats of America—we might have missed out on this last incredible year!

Please pitch in $5 or whatever you can afford now to help keep PDA organizing for you! Money tight? You can still help! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make critically important Get Out The Vote calls from your own home!

We all might have missed out on the remarkable comeback of “democratic socialism” in this country’s politics. We might have missed out on the incredible support of the millennial generation for taking on the “yuge” problems of inequality, climate change, and political corruption.

We might have never witnessed the massive rallies, from San Juan to Sacramento, from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, from Miami, Florida to Madison, Wisconsin to Detroit, Michigan to Des Moines, Iowa to Denver, Colorado to downtown L.A. California!

We would have lost out on the chance to show that a presidential campaign could raise $200 million in small donations ($27!). We never would have known that a 74-year-old Jewish democratic socialist from Vermont could battle the Democratic Establishment to a virtual draw, starting from almost nothing.

We never would have seen Bernie Sanders set the record for the most powerful insurgency campaign ever, winning 21 elections so far (thanks, Oregon!), and almost 1,500 pledged delegates. We would never have seen the current front-runner, Hillary Clinton, move left on key issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a public option for Medicare, the $15-an-hour living wage, and fracking—with a platform debate still to come.

And it’s not over yet! With 9 contests scheduled for June, including the biggest primary of all, California, there are millions of votes still to be cast, hundreds of delegates still to be won, and key issues still to be pushed onto the public agenda.

All in all, it has been an incredible year. One that very few outside of PDA ever imagined. Remember that fact, because you helped make all of it happen, with your support of PDA since 2004, your volunteer energy and financial donations on behalf of “Health Care, Not Warfare!”, and your backing for Bernie when we stood alone with him two years ago.

We will continue to back Bernie through the end of the primaries in June, on through the People's Summit in Chicago with our allies including main organizers National Nurses United (NNU) June 17-19! We need your support to make this historic summit as successful as possible. If you haven't already, please register online here.

The People’s Summit is the next logical step in this movement. If you can't join us at the Summit, please donate whatever you can afford right now to help cover our travel and organizing costs. The People’s Summit is the next logical step in this movement.

We'll be in Philadelphia hosting Progressive Central coinciding with the Democratic National Convention, July 25-27. Please save these dates and plan to join us! We need your help now to make these events successful. Please contribute $5 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing!

After that, if Bernie is the nominee, the path will be clear—defeat Donald Trump and elect President Sanders! And if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, you can rest assured that you will be seeing Progressive Democrats of America out there on the front lines, taking on the fake populism and real racism of Donald Trump.

PDA will be out there, fighting to take back the Senate from Mitch McConnell and his “just say no” negative tactic to oppose anything that helps people. We will be there, boosting our progressive House candidates around the country, and working for the same victorious outcome that we just helped get with our former advisory board member, Jamie Raskin of Maryland.

2016 is a big moment in American politics. And those of us in PDA know that progressive change is a marathon, not a dash. We are not fooled by the ongoing GOP “unreality” show. We know our history, and we understand the danger of the current moment.

We still believe with Dr. King that though the arc of history is long, it does bend towards justice. PDAers can be very proud of all that we have done in the last couple of years to help Bernie bend that arc a little more.


Steve Cobble
PDA Political Director

P.S.—If you are (justifiably) proud of the important and visionary work that PDA has done in the past couple of years, helping to lead the way to a “political revolution,” then please consider donating to help us keep that good work going.

We need your support now more than ever. Please give whatever you can afford now. If your state hasn't voted yet, make plans to vote for Bernie and other progressives in upcoming primaries! Join our PDA Phone Team to make important Get Out The Vote calls.


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