No Child of God Ought Bomb Another Child of God

No Child of God Ought Bomb Another Child of God

Progressive Democrats of America stands with the people of Syria and all those who fear, flee, suffer and die as the result of wars waged on their behalf yet out of their control.   PDA believes that more war gives birth to more terror and more enemies in an endless cycle of violence.  PDA deplores the violence of war in all of its forms, and we strongly believe peace is the wiser path.

Before the Trump-Pence regime takes any further military action in Syria or elsewhere, PDA demands Congressional oversight of those decisions.  Additionally, due to the continuing potential for undue influence of foreign interests on Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson and their personal business interests, PDA believes Congress must assert a higher degree of responsibility for maintaining appropriate foreign policy positions.

US military intervention in the region has proven, for the past 15 years, to lead to more violence and chaos. The Trump administration should use the tragedy of the chemical attack not to further escalate this seven-year-old carnage, but to push all sides for a ceasefire and a political solution so that the suffering of the Syrian people can finally come to an end.  


Medea Benjamin, PDA National Advisory Board


Donna Smith, for PDA National 



Please help PDA push for peace and justice.  We will be holding rallies across the country and educating congress, and these campaigns require resources.   So we need your help.  Please contribute what you can now."




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