We Choose Bernie Because We Choose the Planet!

Yesterday, we discussed our issue teams moving forward with our sister organization People Demanding Action. Today, we're presenting an inspiring message from Russell Greene, PDA Stop Global Warming Issue Team Co-coordinator, and Board President of People Demanding Action:

We’re Hoping for a Big Victory, and Making Plans to Save the Planet!

I am very excited to introduce you to a new campaign I’ve developed with the help of many talented and committed people for PDA. It’s called Climate Decision 2016 and it is dedicated to helping elect Bernie Sanders President of the United States. 

Climate Decision 2016’s message: “We Choose Bernie Sanders. We Choose the Planet! The stakes couldn’t be higher. The choice couldn’t be more clear. This moment in history calls for bold and courageous US leadership. That leader is Bernie Sanders.”

Words matter. That's why—besides mobilizing support for Bernie—we're also working to educate the public to reject inaccurate phrasing about our Climate Emergency. The team "climate change" allows the absurd and dangerous argument that we’re experiencing something normal; that “The climate is changing as it always has.”

Such statements are demonstrably false, foster a complacent mindset, and have been resoundingly refuted by the scientific community. Therefore, we call on you to join with us saying: “This is not 'Climate Change.' This is a 'Climate Emergency.’”

To address the Climate Emergency, we're launching a multi-tiered campaign combining social media with the new website: www.climatedecision2016.net

Our objectives:

1. To catapult the Climate Emergency into focus as the critical voter decision point of this presidential election.

2. To make the case for Bernie Sanders as the undeniable choice to boldly address the Climate Emergency.  

3. To effectively communicate that case to millions of climate voters through a focused, targeted campaign.

4. To mobilize millions of climate voters to vote, organize, and help build the political revolution we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and to make our political and economic systems work for all of us—not just the powerful elite.  

5. To challenge (and reject) the term “Climate Change” that corporate PR flacks and political spinsters use to falsely reassure the public. We will popularize the more accurate "Climate Emergency" to reflect our actual situation.

For us to succeed, we need your help now. Here’s where you come in!

Our new WEBSITE:  Please go to www.climatedecision2016.net check it out, and tell people about it!

FACEBOOK: Please LIKE Climate Decision 2016 and invite your friends to like the community, then start sharing and posting!

TWITTER: Please Follow Us on Twitter @CDecision2016 and retweet our tweets!

INSTAGRAM: Please add Climate Decision 2016 if you have it, otherwise tell your kids and grand kids to—seriously!

With the future in mind,

Russell Greene

PDA Stop Global Warming Issue Team
Board President, People Demanding Action

P.S. All of this activity to address the Climate Emergency will require your support! Please contribute generously now!

Money tight? We understand. You can still pitch in! Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference with Get Out The Vote calls!



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