We Have YUGE Plans!

We've been on the road non-stop for the past two years, supporting progressive candidates and campaigns. Since our launch in 2004, PDA has dedicated ourselves to building a governing progressive majority. We knew then it'd be a long-term struggle, but we've made real progress.

The strength of our movement comes directly from people like you and me: those of us who care enough to invest our time and everything we can afford to give. We know this work won't be easy, that's why we call it a struggle.

Looking forward to the next several weeks...

and beyond with your help!

PDA-CA-rally.pngThanks to you, progress is far more probable. Your support made all of our success possible. Please donate $3 or more now to help us organize for progress, make it monthly to make a bigger impact!

Years ago, when PDA's founder Tim Carpenter asked me to serve as co-chair of the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign, I was only able to give $10 each month to PDA as a Change Makes Change sustainer. Tim never pushed me for more, and he always appreciated my support. PDA welcomes any contributions, however sustainers help PDA plan for success. Today I give more, because making progress matters to me that much.

Last week alone, twenty-two new sustainers signed up. Will you join them, and me, and hundreds of others as a Change Makes Change sustainer today? If you're already a sustainer, will you increase your monthly donation as I have? Donate $3 or more now to help PDA elect progressives

If you can dig deep and support us now, we'll ramp up our work for our endorsed candidates throughout the country. We will make PDA even more powerful and effective.

This is about building a strong and growing movement far beyond the 2016 elections. If we're going to transform American politics, we must commit ourselves to a long-term plan--and we have. We have exciting plans to bring together chapter leaders and new supporters across the country. With your help, we will ensure that the strength we are building now with Bernie's candidacy will last.

Traveling to our progressive strongholds and bringing our organizing to new areas will demand extensive travel and face-to-face work. Please give as generously as you are able to now. If you do, we promise to make every cent count. Will you step up now and support our new and expanding efforts? Donate $3 or more now, and sign up to make automatic monthly donations.

I am asking you to help us continue to shock the world this election cycle, and also help us build for a more progressive future. Many of us are already contributing to Bernie's campaign and to other candidates we believe in, but they can't do it alone. They need your help! I am asking you to review your PDA giving today and dig deeper, just as I have.

Together, we will change this nation. Together, we already are.


Donna Smith, PDA Executive Director
On behalf of the Progressive Democrats of America family

P.S. PDA was the first national organization to back Bernie Sanders for President. Donate $3 or more now to help PDA elect progressives! You can also donate to receive progressive gifts for yourself or others!

Please join our national phone banking team. Whether you've made calls before or never have, Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference in the upcoming primary and caucus states making important Get Out The Vote calls from your own home.



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