We Won Wisconsin!

We Hoped This Would Happen When We Launched
Our PDA "Run Bernie Run" Campaign Back in 2013

That's not a typo. Progressive Democrats of America began urging Bernie Sanders to run in the Democratic primaries nearly three years ago! We devoted countless hours and costly resources to persuade Bernie to run as a challenge to the status quo and the establishment.


We knew that unless he (or Elizabeth Warren) joined the campaign, important issues would go undiscussed. Also, the electorate would be left uninspired, feeling that their important concerns were totally ignored.

Tonight, we're celebrating another HUGE (or as Bernie would say, "YUGE") primary win. Tomorrow, Wednesday April 6th, we'll be back to work, building the political revolution Bernie is calling for. You're cordially invited to help plan our next steps on a special conference call.

Call in and join in as we bask in positive energy and discuss how we can build on Bernie's growing momentum leading to potential victories in Wyoming, New York, and beyond. We'll also discuss progressive movement building independent of Bernie's campaign.

Special Bernie Victory Call
Wednesday April 6th
9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT
Call in: 641-715-3605
Access Code: 699795#

Unlike many organizations, PDA isn't a "virtual" / online only organization. We've had our feet on the ground working for Bernie from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and New Hampshire--as well as DC, Maryland, Washington State, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, Massachusetts, and other states!

Keep the political revolution growing! Donate $5 or more now to help PDA elect Bernie and other progressives! You can also donate to receive exclusive PDA Bernie GearPlease contribute whatever you can afford right now to keep PDA organizing for Bernie!

Money tight? Then join our PDA Phone Team to make essential Get Out the Vote (GOTV) calls. Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will get you busy making effective, easy calls from your own home.

Thanks in large part to our efforts as PDA--a petition drive, in-person appeals to Bernie himself, and organizing all across the country--Bernie entered the primaries. Even more importantly, he agreed to make his campaign a vehicle for movement building. This is exactly what we'd hoped for when we began urging Bernie to run. Actually, it's what we've been working for since our founding in 2004.

PDA National Advisory Board member, best-selling author and award-winning radio and TV host Thom Hartmann offered this analysis after Secretary Hillary Clinton won a handful of primaries in March. His words are just as enlightening tonight, after Bernie's several-state winning streak:

Every primary and caucus result that lifts Bernie's agenda to more people all across the country gives us all great confidence that PDA continues to call for the right candidates at the right time for the right reasons.

Our late founder, Tim Carpenter, would have spent just a little time today thanking all of you for your teamwork and your incredible effort, and then he would have called us ever onward to the next state and the next chance to advance progressive ideals.

I am so proud to support PDA, and I know you are too.

Watch Thom's show The Big Picture every weeknight for news and views too real for the mainstream media.

Our travel, printing, and other expenses keep rising
as we continue working to help Bernie win primaries and help get out the message about progressive policies. We're working for you on the issues you care about: From the People's Budget to Single Payer Healthcare; from Ending Mass Criminalization to Ending Wars and Occupations; from Getting Money Out of Politics to Stopping Global Warming--and much more!

Can we count on your help? Please contribute  $5 or more now to help PDA! Money tight? Then join our PDA Phone Team to make important Get Out The Vote calls.

We hope to hear from you tomorrow evening on our special conference call.

For Healthcare Not Warfare, and for Progress for the People,

Donna, Conor, Mike H, Judy, Mike F, Janis, Kim, and Deb
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

P.S. We need your help now! Whether you've made calls before or never have, Mike "Phone Guy" Fox will help you make a difference in the upcoming primary and caucus states by making important Get Out The Vote calls from your own home.

Too busy to volunteer? Contribute generously now. Donate $5 or more now to help PDA elect Bernie and other progressives! You can also donate to receive exclusive PDA Bernie Gear!


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