Week of November 1st

Weekly Issue Team Calls (ESJ and SGW)

As of November Progressive Democrats of America is changing our notifications for the issue team calls. Individual teams will no longer be sending an individual update, but instead will be sending out a joint email each week. It will include the information for you team's call, as well as any other issue team calls taking place that week. We hope you enjoy the new format and that it helps to open up many new opportunities for engagement.



Stop Global Warming Team Call

Join the PDA Stop Global Warming call Tuesday at 9 pm ET to hear about the fight for climate justice. SGW Chair, Russell Greene, will host special guest RL Miller on the call.

RL Miller is the President of the Climate Hawks Vote Super PAC. She is the elected chair of California Democratic Party’s environmental caucus. RL is an active climate blogger, organizer, and attorney. Past work has included exposing the politics of climate denial and opposing fracking for oil in California, as well as advocacy and organizing on behalf of clean-economy legislation.

During the call we will hear from RL Miller, discuss the run up to the Paris Climate talks, and review important environmental legislation.

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Economic & Social Justice Team Call

Join the PDA Economic & Social Justice call Wednesday at 9 pm ET to hear about Labor for Bernie. Labor for Bernie is a new exciting progressive development in the US labor movement. ESJ Chair, Randy Shannon, will host special guests Paul Krehbiel, Anne Mitchell, and Sheilah Garland-Olaniran on the call.

Paul is a former union auto worker, local union president, and chief negotiator for 5,000 RN's in Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  He is the coordinator of Los Angeles Labor for Bernie. Anne is a retired union organizer for Committee of Interns and Residents, SEIU. She's a former Field Service Director for DC 1707 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), and a union representative for 1199 SEIU. She's currently active in the NY Labor for Bernie Campaign and plans to run as a delegate. Garland-Olaniran is a long time trade unionist and revolutionary, who currently serves as the Political Organizer for National Nurses United (NNU) in IL and MO. She is originally from Flint, MI, now based in Chicago, IL, and has worked with NNU, helping to build a militant trade union of registered nurses around the country in various capacities for the past 11 years. NNU is the first national union to endorse Bernie Sanders for Democratic nominee for President.

We'll discuss how Labor for Bernie came about, what issues are motivating union members to support Bernie, how Labor for Bernie is building union wide multi-ethnic support for Sanders, and the effect of Labor for Bernie on the union movement.

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