What Nevada Just Told America

"They" said we couldn't do it. We proved them wrong! This campaign has always been "We the People" vs. "They the Establishment." By backing Bernie, we are standing up to the powerful special interest elite and others who oppose progress. It's not just about Bernie. It's about all of us, working together for the political revolution we need. Please support Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)'s efforts to help Bernie win the nomination and the presidency. Today, the Bernie movement apparently closed the gap from than 54% to less than 5%. Of course we'd have preferred a win, but this was a moral victory.

"We the People" vs. "They the Establishment"

PDA believed in Bernie from the beginning. We've held 100s of organizing parties and meetups. We made 1000s of calls into Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. We raised awareness and money to help Bernie win. Even before all that, we worked to persuade Bernie to run starting in 2013. We did all this and more because we knew he'd raise important issues that would've otherwise been ignored. Events have proven all of us right. Help keep PDA organizing for Bernie! Donate generously now to PDA's Bernie Sanders Action Fund.

Make no mistake. Without Bernie's exciting campaign--and the millions of us who support it--our fundamental concerns would have been ignored in the 2016 election cycle. Without PDA's huge effort to draft Bernie to run in the primaries, he probably wouldn't have run. Thanks to you, the corporate media (and corporate candidates) have had to discuss our issues: Equality, healthcare as a human right, climate, getting money out of politics, the outsized power of the economic elite, and more. Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to join the PDA phone team, and start making calls to upcoming primary and caucus states!

Thanks to all of us who Feel The Bern, these issues cannot be ignored any more. Still, the establishment has been dismissive of the new political revolution that's already underway. "They the Establishment" said we couldn't challenge them. We proved them wrong in Iowa. "They" said we couldn't win a primary, but we proved them wrong in New Hampshire. They said we couldn't gain support from minority voters, and tonight, we proved them wrong in Nevada.

The Clinton "Firewall" is cracking. Thanks to all of us, Bernie could win this! To put the Nevada results in context, we should remember that last year, polling showed Hillary Clinton was leading a crowded field with 58% support in the state. This while Bernie Sanders polled at a minuscule 4%. By the eve of the caucus, Bernie had closed that 54% gap to a virtual tie. Today, the voters in the Silver State gave Bernie Sanders nearly half of their support.

Working together, we shocked the world. Bernie's growing political revolution overcame Hillary Clinton's big machine politics and big money backers to erase 40 point leads in Iowa and in New Hampshire. Today in Nevada, we overcame all but 5% of her more than 50 point lead, and proved once again that people power can overcome long odds.

This is the time to double down on our support. Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to join the PDA phone team, and start making calls! Too busy to make calls? Donate generously now to PDA's Bernie Sanders Action Fund. If you really want to help make a big difference, do both!

Onward to South Carolina to "Bern" down that "firewall" and win for We the People!

Donna, Judy, Steve, Mike F, Mike H, Jeanne, Deb, Janis, Kim, and Conor
PDA's We Want Bernie National Team

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