Why Coloradans want a $25B tax increase

....to pay for health care, and you would too!

Amendment 69 goes to a vote of the people November 2016. Join us tomorrow, Wednesday August 17 for a PDA webinar about the amendment. Hear from Lyn Gullette, on the Campaign Team for ColoradoCareYES, who will discuss the campaign and about what it means for all of us.

Healthcare Human Right National Webinar
Wednesday August 17
Call Time: 6:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM MT, 8:00 PM CT, 9:00 PM ET
Conference Call Number: (605) 562-3140
Access Code: 733525#
Backup Dial-in Numbers: (951) 262-7373 or (805) 360-1075
Join the Webinar: https://join.me/pdamerica

Lyn Gullette writes:

“Who wouldn’t want to spend $25B instead of the $30B Coloradans spend [for healthcare] right now?” The answer, “Those who are raking in the $5B—those connected with the medical industrial complex, their executives, lobbyists, receivers of campaign contributions, and staff hired to deny, delay, negotiate, and litigate.” That’s a lot of money.

That’s a lot of money each year and the costs are rising. Hmmm, just like your health insurance premiums? Just like your deductibles and co-pays? Here’s another question: “Why are they willing to let a person—lots of people--go bankrupt, deplete their retirement savings, become homeless, struggle with medical conditions and sometimes die, rather than use hard-working families’ health insurance money to pay for health care?”

The answer: I don’t know. Because they can? Well, here we come! Amendment 69, ColoradoCare goes to the voters in November and it will put a stop to that nonsense. After Colorado? Which state is next? When does national single-payer begin?

ColoradoCare provides for health coverage for every resident in Colorado. It’s like a state level Medicare-for-All except that ColoradoCare will operate as a resident-owned cooperative. We remove the middle-men, the insurance industry, simply because they don’t provide value for our dollar.

That provides enough savings to pay for platinum level health care for every Coloradan and ensures accessibility with no deductibles, no narrow networks, and no annual enrollments. Coloradans will pay for health care with premium taxes based on income. It’s fair, reduces disparities, and makes sense.

Hope to see you tomorrow night on the webinar!

For Healthcare as a Human Right!

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