With Our Help, Bernie Will Win!

As Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) reported months ago, neither Senator Bernie Sanders nor Secretary Clinton will clinch the nomination with pledged delegates before the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention. Therefore, so-called Super Delegates will determine our next Democratic nominee for president, and they cannot do that before July 24th. Please contribute $500, $50 $5 or whatever you can now to support PDA's organizing for Bernie's victory!

Progressive Democrats of America launched the Run Bernie Run Campaign way back in 2013, and we succeeded in persuading Sen. Sanders to run in the Democratic Primaries. We did this because he committed himself and his campaign to building a powerful grassroots progressive movement. Now, we're on the verge of making history! Acording to reliable reports, Super Delegates are increasingly likely to select Bernie if he wins in California.

The Math is Clear: the Convention Will Be Contested And Bernie Can Win!

We understand that some people reading this support Secretary Clinton, and we respect your opinion. That said, we want you to understand some facts. PDA supporters overwhelming back Bernie. This nominating process is far from over. We will not call on Bernie to drop out now. We will not stop working to help Bernie win. This is because Bernie has a great chance to become our next president, and we are sure he will make a great president. 


Recent polling shows the Bernie Movement has all the momentum in our favor! If we do our jobs, the Super Delegates will begin breaking for Bernie. But only if you help Bernie win the Golden State primary and do well elsewhere on Tuesday! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox now to make important, quick and effective calls from your own home into California and the other primary states!

For us, the unofficial launch of Bernie's campaign was May 10, 2014 when we chanted "Run Bernie Run!" at our 10 anniversary event in Northampton, MA. We haven't let up for a moment. Please contribute $500, $50 $5 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing! Money tight? We understand.  Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox now to make important, quick and effective calls from your own home to help Bernie win in California and the other primary states!

When Bernie announced his candidacy, PDA was there as the first national organization to endorse him. It was easy for us. We just renamed our "Run Bernie Run" campaign "We Want Bernie," and continued our organizing on the ground as the primary season moved from Iowa to New Hampshire and all across the USA. 

Go back and read about the media coverage of Bernie from the launch of his campaign all the way to his stunning landslide victory in New Hampshire, his many "YUGE" victories since, and predictably on Sunday's news shows tomorrow. Every mainstream media outlet ignored, marginalized, and diminished Bernie's campaign. They all counted him out from the beginning, if they even counted him at all. It's no different now.

If you tune in to national broadcast or cable news, if you read the big name newspapers and magazines, you'll be misinformed. You'll be told that Bernie must drop out or else Trump may win--even though all polling shows Bernie would defeat Trump in a huge landslide. You'll be told the process is over, and Bernie can't win the nomination. This is utterly false. 

We cannot stress this enough: thanks to all of our hard work, Bernie can win big on Tuesday, and he can win the nomination in July. PDA has been working for this success from before the beginning. Now, we've taken it upon ourselves to explain the important facts to voters in California and elsewhere. Will you help us make the case for President Bernie Sanders?

Please contribute $500, $50 $5 or whatever you can afford right now to help us mobilize on the ground in California and elsewhere, make Get Out The Vote calls, and otherwise help Bernie win the nomination! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox now to make important GOTV calls!

Progressive Democrats of America is doing more than organizing for Bernie's victory. We're also cosponsoring a major movement-building effort. Please join us in Chicago June 17th-19th for The People’s Summit. Sign up now! Registration closes June 10th. We want to keep this mass mobilization and summit affordable. As a special thanks to PDA for co-convening this historic event, the main organizers have offered 50 special scholarships--registration for $25 less! First come first serve, only for PDA supporters, using this special link. Also, click here for possible transportation by Rally Bus.

If you missed or don't need the special registration, click here to register. See the amazing, growing List of Speakers. We hope to see you in Chicago! If you can't join us at the Summit, please donate whatever you can afford right now to help cover travel and organizing costs.

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh
PDA Communications Director

P.S. We've explaining for weeks that Bernie can win a contested convention, and that Ms. Clinton cannot prevent a contested convention. Bernie can and will win in Philadelphia if we do all we can to help! Contact Mike "Phone Guy" Fox to make important calls! Too busy to volunteer? Then contribute $500, $50 $5 or whatever you can now to keep us organizing and mobilizing!



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